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North County Fair-San Diego, CA

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by MacLuvnRN, Mar 4, 2011.

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    What time is everyone lining up? Wish we could reserve the iPad 2 like we did the iPhone 4.
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    I will get my iPad from TARGET with 10% off...but I think it will start sale at 5pm on friday...not shore.?
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    I recently moved so I have to go to this Apple store and I've never been, is this store inside the mall? Is there a lot of foot traffic on this store? I used to go to Otay Lakes branch on Chula Vista and you have to get in line early there 'cause it gets pretty busy there and so I wonder on the North County Fair branch if it gets busy? Can anyone let us know?
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    This store is in the mall and it seems pretty busy when I have been there. I lined up here for the iPhone 4 at 6am and they had us outside the mall entrance doors for a while then moved the line inside. Not sure how they will have us line up this time since they aren't selling them until 5pm. When are you thinking you will get in line?
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    I hate this 5 pm launch Apple is doing. Now I don't know what time I'm going to get in line. I'd rather Apple do morning or midnight launch that way there will be shorter line because of less foot traffic during those hours but since this is a mall and a lot of foot traffic, I bet there is going to be a longer line because even people who are not planning to buy iPad 2 and mallgoers see the line, they're going to want to get in line now too!

    Usually on morning or midnight launches, I'd go about 1 1/2 hour before the release but now I'm not sure, do you think I'll be cutting it too close if I get there 3:30 pm? Is it crowded at that mall during Fridays?
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    3 in line

    I am 3rd in line of 3 people here at North County Fair. Bring a chair if you come. :cool:
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    Any bb in that area?
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    San Marcos & Carmel Mtn would be the closest.
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    what is the line like there now?
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    Looks like about 40 people now in line. They have it spit into 3 different sections.
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    what's the split for? wifi/att/vzw?
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    Just to keep everyone from blocking the walkways and store fronts. 1 section right in front of store (where I am ;-)) then next section near the center of the mall, then next section out the door by one person so far. About 80 people now per apple staff assigned to work the line. :eek:
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    wow. growing fast. they probably won't have enough.
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    Store is closing

    They are putting up the black curtain. Store is now closed until 5. We are getting closer. :D
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    i'm gonna head down now. do i stand a chance? :)
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    Couple hundred per apple staff member

    Long is long now. Well over a couple hundred per apple staff at front of store. :eek:
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    Wow that doesn't sound so promising.

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