Not a Homerun - a Grandslam!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Vesuvio Cat, Sep 1, 2010.

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    And kudos to the rumor mill for being spot on this year. This Touch is a dream come true!
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    You have to admit that it was pretty predictable. They didn't introduce anything groundbreaking.
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    Grand slam would have included 3G.
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    no, but kudos to apple for including all of the features a majority of us wanted.
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    Nothing so great to make me replace my 64GB Touch. When it breaks, if they haven't released the iPhone 4 for T-Mobile, sure.
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    What else could they have done? You want it to turn into a jet pack and fly you to the moon or something?
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    GPS would of been nice, i'll still have to jailbreak it and use a bluetooth GPS.
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    have to agree. Tempted to ditch my iphone 3gs for this baby. The thinness, speed, retina display, front camera and flat back.
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    it's 99% of what the iphone 4 has minus the phone
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    It has the same speed, display, and front camera. That isn't 99%.
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    The camera is of a lower quality than the one in the iPhone 4.
  13. WLS
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    It's good but predictable. They could have made something magical and backed off. they hit it up to the fence but it should have gone over.
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    I would have loved 3G, the same camera, and the same design as iPhone 4, but I still bought a 32GB model.
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    ^ yes this.
    even a lower quality then the origional iphone or even 4 year old basic phones they give out free...smh
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    From all the speculation, this is as about as good as we could have expected for the 4G iPod Touch. I am satisfied with the new features and am looking forward to purchasing my iPod Touch, very soon.
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    There is no way Apple is going to put 3G into the iPod Touch. There would be little difference between it and the iPhone.
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    If they had taken the phone part out of the IP4 and released it as the new 4G Ipod touch, now THAT would have been a grand slam. I grade this as a triple, MAYBE a one run home run.
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    A recent study released showed that the owners of smart phones used them a lot for data and not so much for making calls.
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    I'm impressed for the most part, but believe there is still plenty of room for improvement. Mainly that iOS could use a rethink. Still having to leave an app to go into Settings for related options is archaic.
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    Wow. If the aliens land tomorrow and read this thread, their conclusion will be that, except for one guy, everyone hates the abomination that is the iPod Touch. Wait - make it two guys. I think it's a grand slam, too.
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    Your fanboy status is noted.
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    I couldn't agree more. Still waiting for jailbreak just to get SBSettings. (and Bluetooth tethering)
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    I'm really impressed with the iPod touch, a huge improvement, but I wonder why they didn't put GPS.
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    GPS minus 3G is of limited use at best. You'd have to buy one of the offline mapping/direction packages to make use of it when you'd really need it.

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