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    I would like to post my design concept for apple´s new iPhone to get some crits and comments how to improve this concept.

    The iPhone combines four gadgets. A portable music-player, a mobile, a pda and a digital camera. The main goals were to find a reduced design which fits perfect into your hand and to create an intuitive interface for all needs. Nearly the complete top of the iPhone is a touchscreen where you can easily navigate between the functions.
    The oval display is something new, but I think this is already possible with OLED and it would be a great innovation for apple to be one of the first who produces this kind of displays....
    I don´t wanted to create a mobile with any mechanical opening system. No slider or any flaps, because I believe in the simplicity of the form and apple´s philosophy of an intuitive use. There´s another advantage for this form, because similar to the iPod´s it is possible to create a wide range of any accessories, cases or anything else to protect the screen.
    Of course there are two different kinds of users. Those who do not care about any scratches on their mobile and those who guard it jealously and will buy a perfect case for their iPhone.
    I haven´t seen a usable case for sliders or any mobiles with flaps…..

    Please let me know what you think of it….

    pic 0

    pic 1

    pic 2

    I don´t know which forum I should post. So, if I´m wrong please move this thread..
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    Looks pretty cool. Very Star Trek though.

    The idea of a multiple, virtual interface on a touch screen is something that could really work.

    I'd be very, very scared of dropping that thing though.
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    Wow, that's a great design. I dislike the number layout on the touchscreen, and I absolutely hate the idea of a keyboard, but it's still cool looking. ;)
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    I know I would buy this phone if it looked like this, really cool design.
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    Pic 2 makes it looks like it can double as a mouse. :)

    Cool concept, though. While I don't think Apple will make it that flashy, I think it will be innovative in one way or another.
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    too round....
    but other than that a cool design, just doesnt scream out iPod, maybe make the virtual click wheel smaller:confused:
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    Um, no. No offense .. If I were to use that with one hand, my right being my dominant, it would slip of my hand every time I would try to dial a number. It's too round.
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    Not that it matters for the competition or whatever, but are oval-shaped LCD's even possible? I've never seen any LCD that didn't have 4 straight sides.

    EDIT: Nevermind. It's early here, so I skipped over reading the actual original post and just looked at the pictures. :D
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    That was made in March and I think I have seen it before, not too sure though.
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    This is an iPhone I just drew up today. I thought the iPod iPhone would always look something like that.

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    Why is it a word document, is it safe?

    Never trust Newbies.
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    I downloaded it. It's fine... and VERY detailed! ;)

    Sorry. :(
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    It's safe. Not necessarily worth looking at, though.
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    Thats kinda cool. I would like it to be more square-shaped.
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    Yeah sorry I was actually trying to get the 4 Key and the 6 key to be in the actually track wheel. But I could never get it to work. Sorry it was in word document. I'm no photoshop guy and paint wasn't working right. So word was the only way to do it.
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    MS PAINT????
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    Yeah Microsoft Paint. I dont have an Apple computer yet... I think I can add the cost of one with my student loans when school goes up and all, but I'll be waiting for Merom. Then I can get off windows...
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    My first thought as well. And apparently Cuba's. Nice concept, but I think the actual model (if there is such a thing) will resemble more of an iPod mini. I don't know, maybe we'll be completely surprised.
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    I kinda like it, I'd buy one. :)
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    It's gorgeous. :) Doesn't look technologically feasible anytime in the near future, but still pretty. :)
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    I guess that OLED displays are more appropriate for this in terms of production process, and additionally, quality and power consuming.

    Check out:

    "A second technology, developed by Cambridge Display Technologies or CDT, is called LEP or Light-Emitting Polymer, though these devices are better known as polymer light-emitting diodes (PLEDs). No vacuum is required, and the emissive materials can be applied on the substrate by a technique derived from commercial inkjet printing. This means that PLED displays can be made in a very flexible and inexpensive way."

    Also this info:

    An OLED display and touch screen system
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    Reminds me of the hockey puck mouse.
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    I've seen Poppe around as often as I've seen you around. To me, you're just as newb as him, avatar or not.
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    I personally think it's great, but I'm not a big fan of that shape. Maybe your UI on a nano-like iPhone, kinda like this one I just did in Photoshop (sorry, it's really bad), except with your UI.
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    Yours is my favorite. Maybe a little too long though.

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