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not all songs synched?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by LethalWolfe, Jan 3, 2007.

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    So I just got an 80 gig iPod, told it to synch w/my music and not all of my songs in iTunes are on the iPod. I have something like 3890 songs in my iTunes library but only around 3830 got moved to the iPod. Is there any easy way to see what's missing from the iPod and manually move those songs over?

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    maybe you unchecked a few songs. Otherwise, it could be some internetstreams or something else your iPod cannot read.
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    The same thing happened when I bought my iPod. I eventually called Apple and here is what they suggested (it isn't a pretty solution, but it works). First, reset you iPod to clear everything on it. Then, instead of selecting automatic sync, select manual. Then drag the first batch of songs and let them sync, then the next, etc., until the process is done. Once you know that you have all your songs copied over, you can change the sync from manual to automatic. If your iPod is anything like mine, anything you add to iTunes after this process should sync just fine with your iPod. Good luck!
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    mad jew

    If the tracks aren't protected, then re-importing or converting them via the Advanced menu can help. I had a few tracks (MP3s) that needed to be converted (albeit to MP3). I think it may have been a ID3 tag issue so converting the tags to something recent may help too. :)
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    I have the "sync unchecked items" or whatever it is checked (and I've looked and confirmed that unchecked items have been moved over).

    mad jew,
    Is there an easy way to find out what I'm missing? Or do I just have to go thru it track by track?

    I had thought about doing that this weekend, but kinda dread it 'cause my Mac doesn't have USB 2.0. What happens if I set it to manually update and drag over songs that are already on the iPod? Will it put duplicate copies on there, overwrite the existing songs, or not copy the duplicate songs?

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    mad jew

    If you press CONTROL, click on the iPod in iTunes and reset the warnings, it should mean the iPod will stop and tell you at the first song it doesn't transfer.
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    After I re-ripped some songs that vanished from my HDD no other warnings came up, but there still is about a 40 song difference between my iPod and my iTunes. I think I'll try restoring my iPod and manually copying over my songs in chunks like Kashchei suggested. I actually did some manual moving at first 'cause I didn't have enough time to move over my entire library before I left for vacation. This brings up another question.

    When I select my iPod in iTunes (and see the nice face interface) the bar at the bottom says I'm using about 28 gigs for music on my iPod. But if I select "music" (under my iPod) it says only about 8 gigs (which I assume is the amount I manually dragged over initially). And the music on my iPod is grayed out w/some songs having an exclamation point next to them (again, I assume the songs that lack the exclamation point are the ones I manually dragged over initially). Anyone know why the iPod does these things?

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    Dear Lethal,

    To answer your first question, the iPod will tell you if the file you are trying to copy over is already there. I'm not sure about the second question (about why your iPod is behaving the way it is). The exclamation marks can mean that the file is something you bought on iTunes and now requires password authorization before it can be heard.

    I hope switching to manual sync, copying your files over, and then switching back to auto sync fixes the problem. Let us know if this works when you get the chance (and patience) to try this.
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    I transfer all my songs manually (in chunks) and I was still missing songs (although not as many). I did a little more digging and found that I had some exact duplicates in my iTunes (not sure how that happened) and it's those duplicate songs, to the best of my knowledge, that aren't transferring. So it looks like it's all good. :)


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