Not prompted for Disk 2 via Superdrive reinstall

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by steffi, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Something I found rather un-apple like was not being prompted for Disk 2 when reinstalling OSX.

    It just spits out Disk 1 but doesn't explain why or what it wants next.
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    Never big been asked bug most things are on DVD these days so there's only 1 disc.

    Your posting in the MBA forum, do you intend to be?Perhaps if your installing through another machines drive the kinks haven't all been worked out.
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    mine did. it restarts, then says stick in disc 2.
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    It depends if you need anything from the second disk. I did a clean install with no iLife apps and it did not ask for the second disk.
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    I encountered the same issue doing my re-install. Was confident it was time to put in disk 2 (why else eject disk 1) but opened the install log just to be sure.

    Ever minute or so a new line would append to the log, it wasn't finding something it needed but wasn't really clear on what exactly it needed.

    Put in disk 2 and she was happy again!
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    Exactly how it went down for me

    Message wasn't too clear

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    As someone who's done a couple of reinstalls on my MBA already... it is correct that you will NOT be prompted for Disk 2. When Disk 1 gets ejected, you should just go ahead and insert Disk 2, even if you are not prompted for it.

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