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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Daveway, Jan 11, 2005.

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    I notice that everytime of the year when a keynote or big Apple event is near that the MR server is stangled. Last night I had to try 8 different times to access a thread. I suggest that Arn and the mods look into improving the server this time of year. Is this possible?
  2. emw
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    They are well aware of the issues surrounding traffic around events such as this, and do what they can. However, I can imagine the difficulties (and expense) involved in upgrading servers and services to handle a couple of heavy days a year. It's just not worth it.

    I believe at some point the forums get shut down during these events as well, but I could be wrong on that. So we just need to be patient and wait for the storm to pass in a day or so, and things will be back to normal.
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    yea, high trafic as always, proves this place is succesful,

    is there a MR chat this year?
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    In other blindingly obvious news...

    ...Scientists report that smoking is bad for your health, who'd have thought!
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    In Other News
    MrMacMan remembers that he doesn't like to come to MR anymore because of posts like above.​

    No reason to be an ass, it was valid, normally they shut the forums down and make the mainpage a text scroll, obviously not this year.
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    Really, ah nuts...I best calm down then 3...2...1 ;) :)

    Oh you mean smoking in that sense. I was talking it in the other. :p :)
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    Learn to relax around here, no point in getting into a huff....count with me 3...2...1 ;) :)
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    Arn is well aware. Perhaps, you'd like to donate. They'd be one step closer to a better server.
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    Unfortunately, donations have been closed down for the time being. Hopefully when they open them back up, we'll have a flood of people ready to make the move (myself included).
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    sheesh, bye then :rolleyes:
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    Just to clarify, we are temporarily unable to donate to MR while bugs are being worked out with the Demi-God subscription logistics, right?

    Just curious. I am eagerly awaiting resolution of said problems and of shiny 2005 MR coffee mugs. Whether Arn and you lot use the money on a new server or a night of blow and strippers is entirely your perogative.

    BTW, any clue if MR went over the record for most online at one time? Took me a while to get through also...
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    Personally, i think the forums should be shut down the entire day of Macworlds... Regular users like us are unable to access anything (i stopped trying) because hundreds of lurkers come out of the woodwork to post one of the following two messages, which no one bothers to read anyway:

    "I love this!!! Apple rocks! i'm going to get 5! What a great day for humanity!"
    "Apple screwed up yet again, this is a huge flop, I can't believe how bad they are, i'm going to switch to PC now"

    I mean, honestly, who reads these posts? Who cares? Why is it so necessary to flood the forums with these messages that no one else can access anything?
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    I'd like to see the forums only available to registered members on those heavy days... probably not logistically possible but members should take priority over lurkers.
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    It would be nice if, at least, most of the searches ("New posts", "Members List", "Search", "Search Site") would at least be removed from the GUI those days - regular members already know the URLs to search. Then at least the server won't need to work so hard.

    I would think that this might help, but, of course, it might not be enough.
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    Nope, the record is still from last year's MW. You can see the stat on the main rumors page (see current users listing).

    I think it would be possible to limit the forums to members during that time - doesn't vBulletin allow restrictions like that?
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    Any chance we could get up a mirror site or is MR already mirrored?
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    During the keynote, this did happen. However, after a note about Blackeyed Peas music I kept getting timeout errors and I was forced to go elsewhere for my semi-realtime-apple-geekout-lust fix. You're not the only one shutout from MR. I've used MR for my MW updates 5 or 6 times I think and this is the first time I've ever had a problem.
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    It's not a donation if you expect a mug in return.
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    Can't tell how serious you were being here.

    In any case, the donation and (possible) mug purchase would be separate. I apologize if I somehow implied otherwise...

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