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Nothing in the rumormill?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by FaasNat, Jun 25, 2008.

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    I haven't seen any recent rumors on any new AppleTV hardware. When was the last hardware update or refresh? I know this is the "hobby" product, but I figure even hobbyists gotta do some tinkering now and then.
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    probably won't see any changes until the next MWSF at earliest, imo. as thats when its been updated and discussed before. there isn't much that can be done to it at this point, other than software, at least imo. sure some other hardware changes could happen, but won't for a bit still.
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    I personaly hope there wont be any hardware changes for awhile as I just bought one ;)

    Actual i don't think the apple tv has ever had a hardware change or upgrade...its all been done via software.

    I will say this when i was looking at the appletv and trying to decide between it or a custom mythtv box I was somewhat disappointed by the hardware they used. However i found out that its impossible to build something for twice the price or more that compared cpu/hardware wise to the apple tv.

    I have a feeling that the hardware profit margins for this thing are very minimal or non existent at all. It could be possible apple is taking a loss on the hardware only to make it up with iTunes purchases similar to the iPhone. With that said it just isn't going to be feasible for better hardware for awhile. It would probably require a huge jump in high performance low heat processors with a huge price drop before we will see any rumors start to pop up.
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    My Apple sales rep a few months ago mentioned that a lot of resources were pulled to work on the iPhone which hindered the AppleTV development. He said internal briefings indicate that Steve is still very behind the AppleTV product and they still see it as a "third leg" (to go with the iPod/iPhone and Mac).

    My guess is that once we get the MobileMe/Iphone 3G rolled out, you'll see something on the AppleTV front. I still hold out that it won't really build momentum until v3 or v4, similar to the original iPod.
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    I'm fairly certain here will be some sort of update to the software soon to at a minimum replace the references to .Mac and include the logo in the menu (unless it can be a pushed update like they do for the store layout).

    Other than that I dont expect any updates until January at the earliest... unfortunately. (Id love to be able to use my iPhone to control my AppleTV or control downloads for it via the internet)
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    Yeah. That's what I'm afraid of as well (don't have one yet, but am seriously considering). There are a few items I would like -- especially on the remote end of things -- and I would hate to see it added right after I pick one up.

    Ahh.... maybe I'll just go ahead and get it (just need approval from the wife :eek: ).

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