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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Rossagues, Aug 12, 2012.

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    I really want to make the most the Notification Center. I was wondering what applications are out there that are compatible with the Notification Center?

    I currently only have Twitter, Mail and Calder which give me updates. Are there anymore out there I could use? I haven't paid or downloaded Growl since becoming premium and I dont want to install Hiss.

    Any recommendations?

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    Tweetbot for Mac is still in its alpha stages, but is available free for download and works great with NC. In fact, I've gotten more out of Tweetbot with NC than regular Twitter. Mentions, new followings, etc.

    Google Chrome works every once in a while, if you have Gmail open in the browser and have the option turned on. However, it only appears as a banner, and doesn't stay in the NC listing for some strange reason.
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    Fingers crossed just the the iOS version everything will support it in some way soon!
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    I forgot to mention, Tweetbot has to be open to receive notifications. However, you can open the app and hit the red X and it'll remain open in the dock.
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    See thats what really hurts me about this Notification Center business. Why would I need to be notified by something I am already using? Mail annoys me that I have to be USING the program to get the updates on Notification Center. If I am already using it what is to be notified?

    I hope they sort this out!
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    Sorry for the bump, but has anyone got any good apps or lists which support it.. The sidebar is bare and boring now!
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    Yeah I want to know more about other apps. :apple:
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    Caffeinated is a nice RSS reader app that supports Notification Center.

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