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Notification center from lock screen?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by phositadc, Sep 22, 2013.

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    I have touch id enabled on my 5s. When I get a notification, if I just turn the device on and pull down notification center, I can't see the notification. I can only see it if I first unlock the phone. Is that normal?

    Is the only way to see notifications in notification center from the lock screen to disable the lock screen security?
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    have you set up the specific apps correctly in settings>notification center? there's an option for each app whether or not to display notifications in the NC, on the lock screen etc
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    Ahh are you talking about the setting in the screenshot below? Is turning that on the only way to accomplish what I want to accomplish? I actually don't like turning that on because then my screen turns on every time a notification comes in, right? I like my screen to NOT turn on when a notification comes in but still be able to pull down notification center from lock screen and see notifications. I'm gathering that's not possible..,
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    You need that on for it to show on the lock screen..hence why it says "show on lock screen." If it's not on, it won't show on lock screen.

    Your alternative is to turn on do not disturb, and allow calls from everyone. All calls will come through, but your screen won't light up for notifications. Downside is, it won't make any sounds either for notifications, so the only way you'll know if you got a text, email or other notification is to manually check.
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    Ok thanks for the info. I can live with unlocking to see my notifications if it will save my screen from turning on every time I get a message.
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    Mind if I ask what the issue with your screen turning on is? Not trying to be rude, just genuinely curious.
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    Distracts me more than just a sound, but mainly I'm concerned with battery life from the screen turning on an extra couple hundred times per day...

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