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Notification Center on the lock screen

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by clactonlad, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Does this only appear on the lock screen when your receive a notification because swiping down does not work for me?

    Sorry for the dense questions!
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    swiping down doesn't work for me on the lock screen.

    kinda dumb, i hope that's just a bug. there are a few things that need to be fixed:

    - swipe down on lock screen
    - when you're in the hopescreen and you get a notification but don't open it, it should appear on your lock screen
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    hi. it should appear on the lock screen when there are new notifications. maybe restart and then have someone send you some text messages or miss a call from someone?

    also there is a setting in the notifications settings of each application to change how it appears (home screen or lock screen or both). it should be on by default though.
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    Wait, there are things in a beta that aren't working? Amazing!!!!
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    i know unreal, i cant get over how many threads have been started with whining about iOS 5 problems, i trully believe some have no clue why these Betas are released to begin with

    in case you dont, its to "TEST" your apps as a developer, its not meant to have the fully functioning iOS faster then the general public
  6. acfusion29, Jun 8, 2011
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    i know it's a BETA as i have a developer account...

    i'm just pointing some things out that need to be addressed. SINCE WE DON'T WORK FOR APPLE, we don't know if it's a feature, a bug, or whatnot. we don't know Apple's intentions, we were just given a piece of software to install. we don't know if this is how it's meant to be, so that's why i'm stating it.
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    swipe down notification center is not SUPPOSED to work on the lock screen, as this doesnt make any sense. It will already show notifications you have missed, so what is the point...
  8. Small White Car, Jun 8, 2011
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    Small White Car

    They why don't you tell the people who can do something about it? Report it to Apple.

    Telling US won't help address anything. We don't need every single bug report turned into a Macrumors thread. They are likely receiving thousands of them every day. What good does telling us about all of them do anyone?

    I can see having a thread about 'iOS 5 bugs' with thousands of posts in it. Sure, make it available to those who need it. But do we really need thousands of individual threads for each and every issue?
  9. heisenberg123, Jun 8, 2011
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  10. clactonlad, Jun 8, 2011
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    This thread was never to "report a bug" or complaing something was not working it was a "should this happen on the lock screen or not" question.

    Ok thanks. Well I thought it would make sense as if you quickly want to check the weather or stocks (although I no no one who uses the stock app) you just swipe down as apposed to slide to unlock > swipe to page that weather app is on > launch app. But that's fine. Questions answered in a civilized manner. Thanks!
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    Swiping down on the lock screen won't happen (stock, I'm sure someone will create a JB app).

    Reason being is simple: Defeats the purpose of the 'lock' at that point.
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    no problem. i just read back my post and was glad that you didn't interpret it as me being an a** because I kind of did when I looked at it again. but your desire to see the weather quickly is a reasonable request, but the phone is supposed to be locked at that point anyways
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    Yeah the point about the phone being locked etc is a good point and something I had not considered. Thanks again!
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    Can anyone help me with this. On ios 5, I can't seem to pull down the notification centre anywhere, not lock screen, home screen or any app. The only way I can make it come on is my putting on voice over, holding the time and then pulling down with 3 fingers. Any suggestions? iPod Touch 4G btw in case that makes any difference.
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    all you need is Bulletin from xsellize


    Dounload Bulletin from Xsellize cydia it is free
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    How can I get Intelliscreen to show up everytime my phone is locked? I hate having to swipe down on it:confused:

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