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Noun trouble: "animation" ... "video" ... "movie" ...

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Doctor Q, Jul 7, 2009.

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    Doctor Q

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    A friend of mine asked what word to use to describe her business promo (a few minutes long) made in Flash. She doesn't want to call it an ad (accurate, but a negative connotation) or a Flash animation (accurate, but too technical). I suggested promo or video. Someone else suggested movie. How appropriate or inappropriate would those words be to let people know there's a new __________ they are invited to watch?

    Here's the type of Flash animation I'm talking about: fancy sample, simple sample.

    I know there's no absolutely right or absolutely wrong answer for this type of question, but I could use some opinions about the noun that would convey the right idea. Thanks!
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    i would think promo video would be best from what you're describing.
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    How about 'showcase'? :)
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    Unspoken Demise

    "Promo" or as above stated, "showcase."

    Perhaps a lovely "expose"? :cool:
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    Short promotional movie.
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    Doctor Q

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    "Ad" and "promo" seem like synonyms, yet somehow there's less of a negative stereotype with "promo".
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    ad/advertisement carries the notion of trying to sell someone something, promotional carries with it the sense of informing someone about something - hence the two different connotations with them. they are synonyms, yet they have their own nuances.
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    Doctor Q

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    Thanks, everyone. I will recommend "promo".

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