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Nova 2 is now available for the iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by petvas, Dec 21, 2010.

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    As the title says, you can now download Nova 2 for your iPad. This is a great game you don't want to miss (if you like ego shooters).
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    I enjoyed the first one but it sometimes got to feel a bit repetitive.
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    The second game is really great. The graphics look great, the opponents got smarter and the storyline is also better.
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    Nova 2 is a awesome game!
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    Originally posted by me on TouchArcade

    Bought this originally for my iPod Touch and now double dipped and picked it up on the iPad.

    This game is great on each device, but I think it really shines on the iPad. The graphics are gorgeous and the controls seem better suited on the iPad since you can more accurately aim thanks to the larger screen.

    I really wish with all of these simultaneous releases between iDevice and ipad that there would be some way to transfer saves through the cloud or some other means. I don't mind playing through on both of them, but it'd be nice to play at home on my iPad and then continue playing on the go.

    Beautiful game Gameloft! I think they've pretty much mastered FPS on these iDevices.
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    Yea is awesome on the iPad, but one thing I do wish is that it will support chat (not voice chat).

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