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Now on iTunes: WB shows Friends, Aquaman, The Flintstones an...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 25, 2006.

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    Category: Videos
    Link: Now on iTunes: WB shows Friends, Aquaman, The Flintstones and more
    Description:: There have been a couple noteworthy additions from Warner Brothers to the iTunes store this week. First up, Season One of “Friends”, the show that pretty much defined Thursday night for NBC for about 10 years or so (luckily, they did NOT add Joey). Since this is only season one, the friend’s hairstyles and original noses might be the funniest thing about these episodes.

    Next up, the pilot episode of the new series Aquaman. Set in the world of the popular Superman show Smallville, Aquaman is the story of Arthur “A.C” Curry’s search for his mother, who disappeared mysteriously in the Bermuda triangle. Aquaman is an iTunes exclusive.

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    A good step, I hope more WB shows make it to iTunes in the near future.
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    Get Missing, Will&Grace, The O.C, and urm... NIP/TUCK!

    I will be a happy UKer shopping at the US Store then, :D
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    How about TV shows in other countries!? :mad:

    I mean, I'm in Canada, I get lots of USA TV shows on my digital cable box, but the same rights/deals can't be made for the iTMS?! :confused:
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    Canandia isnt a real country..
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    I know it's gotta suck not to have the same stuff right away that Apple gets in the US, but I'm sure Apple would love to have your money too. My guess is that they secure the US first because they were originally aired in the US, and then they start chipping away at licensing for other countries. You have to start somewhere. I think if Apple waited until they had all countries locked in, we'd never get anything current.
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    Oh I'm excited about the Jetsons
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    Of course it's not. It's a word you just made up. :rolleyes:
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    Metallica is on iTunes now!!!
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    My point is, I already have access to almost all these shows via my cable provider (which I would drop if I could get some shows via iTMS). Why can't Apple make deals that are already in place for others?
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    I'm sure Apple would love to, if the lawyers permitted.

    Legal agreements about creative content seem to be insanely complicated when you go international.
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    when will we get Nip/Tuck!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Aquaman is not a new series. Its a failed pilot, so don't get excited people, it'llk only ever be one episode.
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    Makes sense, that description sounded pretty bad.
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    Jerry Spoon

    I bought Aquaman off of ITMS. It wasn't too bad. Typical stuff you'd see for a pilot episode of a show. I thought it might need a little character retooling for some of the support cast, but I wish it would have gotten a shot. Could have been a decent addition to the Smallville style of show.
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    How do I download the Aquaman pilot if I'm in the UK? It only seems to be available on the US iTunes and I only seem to have access to the UK iTunes! :(

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