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Now which Ipod????

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by crazysaxchris, Nov 20, 2005.

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    Well in a few days I will be going down to North Michigan Avenue to pick up tiger and a burrberry wallet:D :p .

    I'm thinking about getting a new ipod. So should I just save my mini and wait or should I go for that new beautiful nano. I've had my mini for about halve of a year,what should I do? SHould I get the new 5generation video ipod. It looks so cool, I haven't seen one in person yet, is it too big??

    (l"ve seeen the nano) but I could always save the little mini!

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    Keep the mini, unless you need the flash memory. I would get the iPod video for sure, if that's what you're looking to get to store more music and movies. It's just slightly larger than the mini, so it isn't as big as some of the previous iPods I own, like the humongous 2G iPod. :p
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    Another vote for the big iPod. You're going to want more space in the future as your library expands.
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    well i don't see the point of moving into the nano as you've the mini which has mostly the functions that the nano has except, the nano colour screen, photos, etc...it's just an mp3 player anyway...
    but if you get the new iPod (with video) thats a different story so i would recomend getting it...

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