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NSPopupButton selected item

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Dreamspinner, Dec 17, 2012.

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    In my OS X Cocoa app, I'm using an NSPopupButton to present the user with a list of choices. When an item is selected, it isn't marked.

      [baudButton removeAllItems];
      [baudButton addItemWithTitle:(@"Baud")];
      [baudButton addItemWithTitle:(@"600")];
      [baudButton addItemWithTitle:(@"1200")];
    How to fix it?
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    I am going to guess you are talking about a checkmark - for that, you can set the state of the NSMenuItem.
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    You could try to jump start the process.

    [baudButton selectItemAtIndex:1]
    Later you can read the state with:

    [baudButton indexOfSelectedItem]
    Also, make sure you made a connection to the right thing with Xcode. You could have made a connection to a specific cell instead of the whole pop-up button.
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    Thanks. Yes, a check mark would be good. I'll have to dig into how to use ValidateMenuItem I think. It seems like it's going to be a little messy if the user changes selection, and I have to find the checked item and un-set it, the set the new one. I sort of bogggled that it doesn't happen automagically:(. But I'm a newbie to Cocoa.
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    Thanks. I think we have a misunderstanding :confused:. I have no problem getting the selected menu item. I want to mark it as selected (check mark, change color, highlight the item).

    The connection is to the whole button.
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    There can be multiple checked items (and ways to use them), so what gets checked (or not) is up to you. For a single item you would be keeping track of the selection anyway, so typically your action would uncheck the current/old setting and check the new one - see Using Menu Item States.
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    Thanks for the URL. I'm sure that will come in handy!

    There are multiple items. Actually, setting the NSButton's type to popup accomplished my goal.

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