Numerous iCloud Services Down for Up to 8% of Users

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 31, 2012.

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    According to Apple's iCloud System Status page, 8% of iCloud users cannot currently use any iCloud service except mail or iChat. The site gives no suggestion of a cause for the outage, nor a timetable for fixing it -- other than to say services will be restored as soon as possible. On Tuesday, iCloud experienced a widespread FaceTime, iMessage and Game Center outage that lasted nearly two hours.

    Update: It appears the outage is now limited to Documents in the Cloud only.

    Article Link: Numerous iCloud Services Down for Up to 8% of Users
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    I've been having issues logging in since yesterday. Glad they're working on it. Hope it gets fixed soon.
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    So unbelievably lame. Apple, get it together. Time for Eddy Cue to step up and make sure this kind of weekly downtime garbage ends. I hope he can do that.

    Maybe Cook ought to set aside $20BB or so to poach as many Google and Amazon engineers as possible and set their cloud services on the right path.
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    sure when I send in iCloud services being down, it never gets posted on MacRumors. but when someone else sends it in, it gets posted. IS IT BECAUSE I'M ASIAN?
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    Also up for down to 92% of users. It is not known at this time if standing on one's head makes a difference.
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    heads are going to roll!
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    Its only Documents in the cloud

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    Yep. Just as I was about to board a coach I was getting the confirmation emails disappears right in front of me and I cannot get them back...thanks.
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    iMessage doesn't seem to work for me right meow. It tried for a minute or two and then gave in to text messages. My wife's is doing the same thing. Not a huge deal, but hopefully they'll get it sorted.
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    I suspect terrorism.

    Anyways, I didn't even notice it was down. And I also never knew that Apple's iCloud was required to FaceTime someone. Are our conversations running through a serve at Apple? As for iMessage, iCloud up or down, it still works the same for me.
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    Ya, i have been having issues with it too.
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    Just tired to refresh my mail on my iPhone its not working saids "Cannot get mail. The user name or password is inncorrect for the 'gmail' user"
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    Mac App Store also down?

    Mac App Store appears to be down for me as well. :confused:
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    Gmail and other google services were just down for about 5 or so minutes. It's back up now.
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    Shock horror, yet another iCloud failure.


    I'l take a 4 minute outage once every year or so, over iClouds quarterly 3-5 hour outage any day.

    The fact that it's still this unreliable is just pathetic.
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    This is a shock?

    Apple and online services have never mixed and probably never will. It doesn't matter how much money they throw at it.

    It would be great to be optimistic about thing and hope they improve but after a decade of constant screw ups and let downs it very difficult to do.

    Apple's biggest problem is they have all these iToy's using the very small infrastructure they have placing it under extreme stress. To keep things running smoothly they should have had these new data centres built 5 years ago when they started the iToy's. That way they could have measured demand from one launch to another and set future plans for infrastructure expansion into motion ahead of time.

    Instead they wait till the horse has bolted to close the stable door.
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    Having trouble in the iTunes store as well.
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    iTunes Match seems to be down on my mac right now
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    I'm sure not if it's related but I can't update my apps despite seeing the number batch on the App Store icon. The update list is just empty, white.
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    outages are not caused by sandy storm, but instead, a very bad piece of malware called: Unhappy2012.Forstall.icloudDDoS
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    I'm having the same issue on my Mac, but only with sending mail. Hopefully this will be a quick fix.
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    You get what you pay for

    I wish Apple would put out a reliable cloud service that was worth paying for, charge a little for it, and then stick to it for more than a few years. When it's free, it hardly seems that we can complain about it when it's not working.
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    Rodimus Prime

    problem is even when Apple was doing paid service it still sucked and was crap compared to many of the free services out there.

    Apple sucks at the cloud plan and simple. iCloud offered less, cost more and still does not work.
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    Services Back Up

    and now as of 9:21 Eastern everything is back up, they fixed it quick enough
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    Gmail was down around 5pm eastern time, qq.

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