Nvideia GeFroce2 MX 400 for old G4 450mhz AGP

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by LimeiBook86, Oct 29, 2003.

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    My dad's PowerMac G4 is 450mhz, AGP and had 768mb of RAM, but a slow ATI Rage Pro 16mb Graphics card. I found a Nvidia GeForce2 MX 400 w 64mb of DDR RAM for $65. This should speed up Panther and some games. Installing it should be simple right? Take out the old put in the new right? I don't think I would need drivers for OS X should I? I think I can find some for Mac OS 9.2. Now that would be a pretty nice Mac :), it's no G5 but it's still running strong.

    Tell me what you think :D
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    That's the Mac version right?
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    Not until Apple addresses teh issue with that specific card and Panther. Last year, I upgraded the exact same machine with the exact same card. Jaguar ran flawlessly. On Sunday, I wemt to install Panther on it, the Installer worked as it should, but when the G4 boots from the Panther volume, there are horrid display problems. Apparently, the brilliant Apple software geeks forgot to add teh driver to it. As reported in MacFix it, some users have had success replacing Jaguars kernel extensions for the card into Panther. I was not one of those people, as it is an unclear, hit and miss process. Right now, the G4 is stuck running Jaguar even though I forked over 26o dollars in teh span of 14 months for an OS from Apple. Yes, I called tech support: they sent me to nVidia's site where they cordially ask you to contact your PC's manufacturer for Tech Support. Pure Bull Excrement. I have called Apple twice since the first call and they were useless. So, needless to say: if you buy and install this card you're a dunce.
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    Umm, maybe I'll get the card, I meen if it is a great deal...I'll wait for the drivers.
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    Yep it's the mac version, it is on eBay:p
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    here is the link to the ebay auction, please don't buy it guys, I am posting this just for refrence


    guy seems to have semi-bad feedback, nevermind I'll look else where.

    I want a nice graphics card for a G4 450mgz AGP (I can also take a PCI card) with Quatrz Extreme support. I want one that will be good with Unreal Tournament :) I am using an Apple Studio 21'' CRT monitor (VGA)

    Any advice?
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    OWC has Geforce 4MX cards for $70, which is a pretty good deal ($75 with the DVI-VGA adaptor which you'll probably need). The only thing to consider is that your sawtooth doesn't have the additional power connector going to the AGP slot, so you won't be able to use the ADC port on the card, and hence the dual monitor capability. If you're happy with only 1 monitor then this is the way to go. If you'd prefer a dual monitor setup, something like the Radeon 8500 is what you need (with DVI, VGA, and S-video) but I haven't seen those for sale anywhere for a while.
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    well eventually we might get a G5 down the road...The G4 is getting pretty slow but, my Dad thinks it's ok. It' up to him. If it was up to me we would either have a new 1ghz upgrade and a graphics card, or a new G5 :p

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