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Nvidia Geforce = Very slow in games!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by hvfsl, Sep 11, 2003.

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    If anyone wants to get a new Mac and wants to play the latest games like Doom3 and Halo without putting the graphic quality down, don't get an Nvidia Geforce FX card (although the Geforce 4Ti's are OK if you are on a budget).

    The new Half Life benchmarks have come in and show that Nvidia's FX range of cards is a lot slower than ATI's at the same quality settings. Go to http://www.tomshardware.com/business/20030911/half-life-01.html for details. In the tests, ATI's mid range card beats Nvidia's top of the range card easily.

    It is posible to play the latest games on the Geforce FX range, but only with the Direct X 8 (open gl 1.3) mode with some of the effects turned off. Most modern games like Halo and Doom3 are Direct X 9/Open Gl 1.4 games.
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    All GF FX cards up until the 5900Ultra have been rubbish! It's a well know fact in the PC world. I can't see how the 5900Ultra has 2/3 the performance of the Radeon 9600, I think that's BS. But them Toms Hardware isn't exactly the most reliable un-biased site in the world :rolleyes:
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    Dont Hurt Me

    actually you can get a better idea on how the cards stack up in toms other articles on video cards and the fx5900 beats the 9800 according to tom's article. see video card section. edit i have been using a geforce 3 for over a year and its been very good. RTCW,Nascar,ut2003
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    The only reason the Geforce FX range look fast is because they have only been tested on aritifical benchmarks so far where nvidia have used 'cheats' in the drivers to reduce image quality and increase performance. It is only in new games that use Direct X9 or Open GL 1.4 that the FX range has problems. These games include: Halo, Doom3, Half Life 2. This is the first time the FX range has been tested on a Direct X9 game, so these are real world results at Tomshardware. The new Tomb Raider, another Direct X9 game also shows the same performance problems.

    Also I am not saying all Nvidia's cards are bad, just the FX range. The Geforce 3 and 4 range (not including the MX) are very good.

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