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Nvidia6800 power consumption..

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by UnixMac, Oct 23, 2004.

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    I wonder if anyone actually knows the power consumption of the Nvidia 6800? I noticed that the PC version has two additional power inputs (the old style M-input like that on your G4 hard drives), on to of the AGP power provided. But the Mac version doesn't have those inputs, and is about 2" longer (mainly filled with what look like capacitors)... Does the Mac version use the additional AGP power provided for ADC connections to power this monster? How the heck can a single computer chip and 6 RAM chips eat up so many watts?

    Please reply if you're a computer engineer or know something about his as I'm very interested in how and why they did this?
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    The 6800 has more than 1 "processor" on it, plus fast pathways and RAM. The 6800 uses the extra power connector provided for ADC for its power.
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    the reviews call it a 222 million transistor processor... but are you saying that it's various components with in that GPU? Cause all I can see on the card is the big GPU and 6 RAM chips and a whole bunch of capacitors... prior above is covered in that monsterous fan.
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    After reviewing your signature, UnixMac I hate you

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    Sun Baked

    Apple says the AGP-Pro cards use much more power than the 30W AGP 3.0 cards.

    They listed the 9800XT as 75W...
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