O2 & Be networks down to 1.5Mb due to over-subscription

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 31, 2009.

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    Oversubscribing isn't something that companies can always foresee, so while not nice to experience, there isn't much point demanding action from customer service reps.

    Four to six weeks seems a bit optimistic when time-scales for increasing capacity on a network can be up to 90 working days. Good luck with the four to six week time frame, because unless that order went in weeks ago it isn't going to happen. If it were going to happen more quickly, then it would mean they were on a ring that was quicker than their current capacity, and had been throttled back to their current speeds. If this were the case then capacity could be increased within 24 hours usually, so again the four to six week timeframe seems a tad bizarre

    Having gone through a similar experience with Bulldog communications a few years ago, where speeds were dipping to slower than dial up with horrendous lag, I have every sympathy. That particular fiasco took months to resolve.

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    What is O2 like compared to AT&T?

    It sounds like O2 is going through some rough times right now, but I am just wondering what they used to be like. I am currently using AT&T. I have heard that cellular service providers are supposed to have faster networks in other countries because of the cell provider competition in the US. I don't know if that's true or not though.
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    As bad as this is, am I reading that right?

    O2 gets 3G speeds up to 20mbps? Really?

    In the best area, on the best speed test I've done, in NJ I've seen 1.3 mbps. That was the best one ever.

    So yea I feel bad that they are being shafted and not getting what they're paying for, but not that bad.

    When is AT&T going to offer "up to 20 mbps" ?

    That would a game changer, wouldn't it? It just sounds so far fetched. I guess this is evidence that the tech is not yet that sustainable.
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    This story is about O2's home broadband network, which has nothing to do with their 3G/Cellular network.

    Looks to me (and a quick read of O2's own forum) that this is massively over-hyped. Probably only a couple of exchanges playing up, that's all.

    This is me on O2 right now:


    For 4pm on a Saturday, that's pretty good. Downloads from decent servers are always blazingly quick for me. Load of fuss about nothing.

    Why is this on MacBytes?
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    I know it's a bit cliché, but it really depends on where you are. In certain rural areas in Wales for example, Orange have superior coverage to O2. On the whole though Orange's network doesn't perform as well as O2's in the UK. Orange initially had a strategy of going after the rural areas because O2 and Vodafone initially concentrated on the more lucrative rural areas. They're all pretty much of a muchness for most people though, with Voda arguably having the better data network. Pricing is where O2 usually fall down, they tend to react to the market as opposed to lead. Their billing system is archaic and is based on an old BT platform and a Martin Dawes platform (a company they acquired). This means its not a fast process for them to change their billing/ commercial offerings. They also have different billing platforms, which make it difficult if not almost impossible to change tariffs if for example you've taken out a contract online, and then try to go into one of their stores to get your tariff changed.

    In a nutshell, O2's network is fine in all but certain rural areas, it's their billing that's a nightmare. If however you're looking to stay on an iPhone tariff, then it wont be an issue really.

    The article that's being referred to is specifically talking about ADSL (fixed line) services though, and not cellular data networks

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    Thank you for clarifying, clearly I am a moron who doesn't read. ;)

    Glad your not suffering too bad.
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    I think you are right, the article is trying to throw some gasoline onto the fire. They don't explain how networks work, and what some of the issues are that face ISP's.

    You're probably on a different ring to the people being affected, which is why your speed is up. O2 will be using multiple rings around the country to deliver their services. I know that many of their advertising campaigns change based on demographics, and they chase some areas harder than others (areas of potential growth or perceived greater revenue generation). So it could well be that a more focused campaign has taken place in certain areas, and that's yielded higher subscription levels than they originally anticipated.

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    I have been having issues with them for weeks now and have logged 3 calls. I keep getting free months but would just like close to what I pay for!

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    I'm on Be and have had generally good service .... although i'm paying their top tarif (£22 / month) so i expect to get the best service they can offer ...

    Right now i'm getting about 15mbit down and 1mbit up and its more or less stable at that for months ... only problem i had was when my actual line had a break which BT had to fix as it was outside the property
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    02 always seems to overpromise and underdeliver. I remember when it was first starting off with their mobile network and only about 50% of the UK had coverage, that was really frustrating. They're famous for their terrible customer service as well, whenever I phone them about an issue they always just say its not their fault :confused::confused:
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