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O2 Offers to Unlock iPhones in UK

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Awesome. When AT&T's exclusivity ends, we can only hope AT&T will do the same.
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    Good news, but I'd rather it was around £15 less.
  4. afd
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    I wonder what the second hand value of an officially unlocked iPhone will be? prob a lot less than it is now?
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    The instructions tell you to insert a new carriers sim card and then connect to iTunes. Easy enough.... but

    Anyone have any idea if that means you can't swap sim's on-the-go? If you have 2 sims on different networks, will you always have to re-connect to iTunes after you swap them around?
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    It is if you've got a contract. ;)
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    Once it's unlocked, you don't have to do anything again... Mine is factory unlocked, and worked fine swapping sims when I traveled.
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    Awesome sent my form. I'll be sticking with o2 though as i have had no issues with them.
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    Cool, thanks. Reason I asked is that there was talk on another thread that the little process they make you go through in iTunes enables the phone to work with a new sim, but isn't really a proper 'unlock' as the name might suggest... i.e if you stick a Vodafone sim in after unlocking from O2, it will just work on Vodafone (and maybe O2 still).

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    Good move by O2

    Will be sorting mine asap.....
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    Just submitted my form to unlock :)

    Means I'll be able to put my T-Mobile USA Sim when I go away with work :) I just wish it was possible to use data on a Prepaid plan in the US. I dont think any networks offer this :( Oh well... one step at a time! :D
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    Will they check if the phone number has been used for the past year? Or is it allright to just buy a o2 sim on ebay and use that phone number?
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    Do you mean you have on old iPhone that is no longer connected? I'd imagine you'd use the o2 phone number that was associated with the hand set. You have to provide another contact number and email so if they have any queries I assume they'll contact you. The condition is if Pay Monthly they can unlock at any time (does not say in contract) or Pay as you Go 12 months after purchase. I assume you'll fit into one of those so you should be fine?

    Or have I misunderstood you?
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    Finally official unlock

    Just requested the Unlock

    It will be great now to use my iphone when i travel to Greece and can use the local sim, plus now i have the chance to use any UK sim i choose to.

    well done o2, right before my contract ends :)

    will take upto 14 days to unlock, heres the message when you send your mobile and address details

    form submitted successfully
    Thank you. Your request has been sent to our customer service team and we'll get back to you by email in the next 28 days with details of what you need to do next.

    If you've asked for your iPhone to be unlocked, we'll text you in the next 14 days.
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    Bye Bye Baby

    Just sent off the form. Now I can use my iphone outside UK when I travel.

    I have had no real issues with O2 asides from the fact that the phone was locked. I do lots of travel and need to be bale to put in other SIMs. Now I can.
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    Well, I bought my 3GS from O2, but I've since jailbroken and unlocked my phone. Also, I no longer have my sim card or my number (nor do I have the means to buy another O2 sim card, I live in Brazil)... The thing is, for O2 to unlock your iPhone, you are asked to fill in your number (O2)... What can I do?

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    Was it Pay as you Go or Pay Monthly? If Pay as you Go you have to wait 12 months from purchase anyway.... If Pay Monthly surely you must still be paying the monthly fee's to o2? Or were you able to get out of your contract?

    I would imagine your best bet would be to use your old o2 phone number, but seeing as this is so new I don't know... Anyone else have any better suggestions???
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    Finally...! Well done O2. I'm about to fill out my form now... Happy Days :)
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    form filled in. thank you o2.

    no need for my jailbreak now.
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    It seems the main reason people want to unlock is to have low cost travel usage. Not to "avoid a carrier". Further they wish they could have the near unlimited data usage when they travel.

    It seems to me some sort of carrier treaty is the way to go to solve this so folks can use data wherever they are and the purveyor of that data gets that day's revenues.

    This has to be a pain for the folks in Europe who travel to several countries a month on business.

    Here in the states, we travel farther than you do but are in the same country the whole time.

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    That's certainly my reason.

    I recently went to Switzerland and unlocked my iPhone with ultrasn0w so I could use a Swisscom SIM card.

    The Swisscom SIM cost me £12 and included enough credit to cover all my data usage (68MB) which would have cost me £204 if I had kept my o2 SIM in.

    I just would like to able to do this. So I'm a bit cheesed off I can't officially unlock my Pay and Go iPhone until I've had it for 12 months. I mainly have a Pay and Go iPhone so that I can get the new model as and when it comes out on the 12 month cycle. So by the time I can officially unlock it, I will have a new one.
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    This is really good news, I have poor O2 signal here (in fact all carriers are weak here) but I have a Vodafone femtocell through work so it'll be really tempting to move to Vodafone once my contract ends and finally get a decent signal at home.
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    At least you should get a bit more for it on eBay if it's officially unlocked.
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    It is absolutely moronic that we don't have this in the US and the rest of the world yet.. Fortunately there is the dev team, but there is no good reason (besides at&t greed) to not allow iPhone customers the ability to unlock their phones. If I want to sell my iPhone to a T-Mobile customer or someone in another country, there shouldn't be anything to stop me, provided I fulfill my original contract.
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    Yeah, that's true!

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