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Oberon Design Owners...

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by AM94, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Can I please get some feedback from Oberon Design case owners (iPad in particular). How are they holding up? Functionality over time? Still happy with your purchase?

    Any and all feedback on these cases welcome.

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    No one? :confused:
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    Apparently not.
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    If you search through kindleboards.com's accessories section, you'll find dozens of posts on their stuff. Most people tend to be happy with it, and a few have also purchased Oberon iPad covers.

    My personal experience with their Kindle cover was meh, I think they're way too heavy, there were obvious wear marks on the spine of mine within a month's use, and I didn't like the corner-strap and elastic based retaining system--though I can't fault it's protectiveness. My Kindle hit both concrete and tile while in that case and sustained no damage at all. No way it's going to fall out of the case, I just didn't like the way those corners looked. I used it for a few months and gave it to a friend. A month later, she was complaining about the weight as well.

    I have one of their journals still, and it's a work of art. But then again, I rarely hold it in use, so the weight's a non issue, and I never fold it completely back, so there's very little wear. I wouldn't consider their iPad cover; aside from the corner straps and the weight, their system for supplying a supposed typing position is just silly. All in all, to me it's very much a matter of form over function--but from what I've seen, I'm in the minority on that position.
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    Oberon Design Ipad Case

    I have an Oberon Ipad case. It is very nice looking and quite sturdy. I'm sure you would not wear it out in a 100 years of service. The leather is very good quality and the embossed outer cover is simply amazing. I use mine often and am quite comfortable with the protection it offers. Also the setup they have for standing looks simple but works very well.

    All in All I am a very satisfied customer.
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    Thanks MacMur.

    Not being able to check the case out 'in the leather' means I'm buying it based on photos - which is never ideal.

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