Obligatory "MacBook Air" complaint thread

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MovieCutter, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Might as well get it started. What do you HATE about the MacBook Air?

    I'll start:

    It doesn't have 8 cores.
    It doesn't have FW1600
    It ONLY has a 60GB hard drive
    It doesn't have an optical drive
    I HATE the glossy screen ARG!!!
    It's TOO fragile, it's gonna break SO easily
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    From the pictures its too thin and looks waaay too fragile. It also doesn't look like it'll be able to do any serious computing as it would likely sport a ULV processor etc.

    In which case the question becomes whats the point?. Just build a UMPC Apple Style...10" screen multitouch that can connect to a BT keyboard etc
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    I hate the fact that we honestly don't know the name of it.
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    I'm, all for complaining about their being complaints already.... ;)
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    The number one complaint is going to be price, mark my words :D
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    i hate the fact that it's gonna make me want to buy it...

    i Think Macbook air is a good name.

    I just want iPhones in Canada.
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    it doesnt look like Ill be able to perch myself up on it like a Griffin :D
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    haha oh quigley... if you build it.... they will come
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    If this is indeed a computer: First off, GAY NAME!!! Too fragile, no processing power. And design doesnt fit the apple profile, that is if the sketchup on the main page is correct, It looks nice but it reminds me of a dell.
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    I hate that its not Tuesday
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    it hasnt even been released yet! wait until after macworld until complaining about at product that may not even be released tomorrow.

    also 8 cores? mac notebooks dont even have quad cores yet. why could they skip 4 cores suddenly?

    also im sure Johnny Ive will figure out a way to make a macbook super thin and not be susceptible to breakage. thsi will be one of Steve's punch lines.
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    It will be a really good compuer all you complainers.. and it wont even be called the macbook air:apple::apple:
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    I hate that we all don't get one for free.
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    I pray its not macbook air. And i pray it has an optical drive.
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    I think your sarcasm detector is a bit rusty....
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    Dude, you do realize this is a parody thread...

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    Doctor Q

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    I cut my finger on the box while opening my MacBook Air. I guess I'll return it.
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    Well, I DID want one, but only if they came in black.
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    Umm it sounds way 2 much like a pair of authletic sneakers....
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    well it's out now and i hate it, fugly and unpractical
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    The name sucks.
    I hate that you have to pay $100 for a drive (dumb).
    I hate the name.
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    How can a design so simple and clean be described with a word like "fugly"?
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    Mac OS X Ocelot

    I hate that it's a laptop.
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    lol. Hay guyz ima hard coer gamr and want too know if ill get goodest fps with teh MACBOOKAIR. lollzz
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    What did you expect?

    Upgrade options are cheap

    Who uses one, anyway?

    Glossy gives better color than matte

    No it doesn't. Just look at the MBA torture test. It survived being dropped from the car while it's running, A 6 foot drop, Intense heat and being frozen in the refrigerator.

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