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Oblivion help on parallels!

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by coledog, May 10, 2007.

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    Hey everyone,
    Yesterday i installed Oblivion on XP through Parallels. When I tried to run it i got this error message:
    "Failed to initialize renderer. NiXAdapterDesc::GetDeviceCaps()failed."

    Any ideas whats happening and how to fix it? I don't really want to try Bootcamp because I wasn't too impressed with it the last time i tried.

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    Are you serious?

    Parallels is a virtual machine, it has not got 3d acceleration yet... Try bootcamp.
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    I saw this thread and laughed.
    Hee hee. You're a funny guy coledog. Hee hee.
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    As you can see I am either a Windows guy or a Mac guy, but I'm not a Windows on Mac guy...thanks for setting me straight!
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    Could you let us know how well it runs in bootcamp when you get it going? I imagine it will run well with your MBP....more curious of the graphics on a MB.
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    Ok I get the same error, has anyone got Oblivion to work on Parallels? Im using Parallels 3.
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    IIRC, Oblivion is DX9. Despite Parallels' blurb, they don't support 9 yet.
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    Parallels supports DX 8.1 that's why Oblivion will not run. In BootCamp it should work fine. Parallels team currently is said to be working on better 3d support.
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    I don't see how you can be "not impressed with Boot Camp" given that it is nothing special other than some BIOS emulation and repackaged drivers. In other words, you're running Windows natively on your hardware so if you're unimpressed...you should be mad at Windows, not Boot Camp.

    And why would you think a virtual machine would have better graphics performance than a native OS? :confused:
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    oblivion probably has the highest system requirements of any game I can think of..

    bootcamp not parallels
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    I agree.
    Even if Oblivion would work under Parallels, you would need not less than 3 Gigs of RAM to get it to work. Boot Camp is the option, because in Boot Camp Windows uses all the system resources.
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    Oblivion Won't Work with Boot Camp on Santa Ros

    I saw the postings for Oblivion not working with Parallels, but I installed Boot Camp and Windows XP and loaded Oblviion and got the same NiXAdapterDesc::GetDeviceCaps()failed. that someone here reported on Parallels. Can I get some help on this?
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    I'm having the same issue....

    I've installed Boot Camp on my MacBook, along with Windows XP, and the most recent NVidia driver. I'm getting the same "Failed to initialize renderer" error that was described above. The game crashes just after clicking Play in the Oblivion launcher. Is there any way to resolve this problem?
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    playing oblivion requires a high end video card and a lot of RAM, anyway that error message sounds like a video card driver issue.you may want to make sure you have the lastest video card driver and the lastest patches for oblivion installed.
    but seriously playing oblivion on a mac pro through parallel or bootcamp is going to make the game freeze a lot.just play it on the Xbox360 to enjoy the gaming experience
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    I played oblivion on my iMac 20inch 2ghz and i had to turn the DETAIL way down. And if you have ever seen Oblivion on the 360 it will be a huge let down, and like others have state the game will chug if your not on a high end system...
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    Unfortunately I don't think I'll buy a good PC just to run Oblivion. Parallels is also not a way out. The way out is - a lot of RAM + Boot Camp
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    Playing Oblivion on a 360 is also a good way to make the game freeze or stutter a lot. From what I can see, there's hardly a machine around that can play this game without hiccoughs.
  18. mim
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    I've got a 3ghz Mac pro (although with the 7300GT) and Oblivion runs terribly. I've been waiting for the successor to the X1900, but it's been a long time coming (and I don't want a $600 upgrade just to play Oblivion...).
  19. mim
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    Oh...and I agree about the 360 - even that doesn't handle it well. Anyone seen it on a PS3?
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    The PS3 handles it quite well. It is very smooth, and I have only seen it struggle a few times in the hours (weeks... months...:eek:) I have invested in it. Usually only for a second or two when you are first getting into a very populated area.

    The graphics are outstanding as well!
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    I have a 2.2 ghz SR MBP and it runs ok on almost all high settings (lags alittle in the forrests though). I'm still working on settings to get the best perform out of it. all in all it runs fine:)

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