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Oblivion ?'s

Discussion in 'Games' started by mrgreen4242, Mar 29, 2007.

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    Thinking about getting a 360 for a couple FPS games and maybe Oblivion. Looks like a fun game, and I was just wondering if the impression I get from the reviews are correct, or if it's just overzealous writers. :p

    The game sounds like it's almost a single player FPS in that there are lots of quests which you can pick up or not and the game more or less just presents options to you rather than following any sort of dictated path. In other words, very open ended like an MMO. Is that accurate, or is it more structured than that? Thanks! :)
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    My kids play it on their PCs. It seems fairly open ended in what you can do. You choose the nature of your character and in many ways that shapes the quests you go on. They got the game when it came out and are still playing it occasionally so that is about a year now! Beautiful graphics (on very low-end PCs w FX5500 cards).
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    Well I'm 34 and have been gaming since commodore 64's were released. I'm not really into games of this kind but I have to say it's probably the greatest game i have ever played. Possibly with the exception of "elite". In fact I sold my 360 because the game was taking over my life......when i deleted my saved games there were over a thousand of them.....
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    Oh yeah, so many times playing this game I've been amazed at the sheer scale of the world. It's like an uber-MMO you play by yourself, but with much MUCH better gameplay.

    You're really not restricted in many ways at all. There are some people you just can't kill, but I'm sure that's important to avoid breaking the game. You can go anywhere, do anything you want. You can be good or bad, Famous or Infamous... it's entirely open-ended.

    There is a HUGE amount of the world full of completely optional locations, quests, and characters. But don't think that means you'll be left not knowing what the heck to do.

    The quest system is fairly robust, and you'll always be able to pick up the main quest at any time. To make that even easier they've even made sure to place rally-points on your map for your active quest. Meaning you are rarely ever left wondering where the heck to go if you want to get back into the main story.

    I've done some of the main quest, but I've been adventuring in the game for awhile now (easily 40+ hours) and still feel like this game has a ton of content left for me to explore if I really want to. Best value for your money ever... imho!
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    I'm really picky when it comes to RPGs; I don't care for the Final Fantasy style. But I played Oblivion non-stop when it came out (PC version). It's the first RPG I've actually taken the time to beat since the original Baldur's Gate. It's a great game -- there is so much to do in it.
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    Hah, that's pretty impressive! So is the description of it's open endedness pretty accurate? I enjoy MMO's, well I enjoy parts of MMOs. I am probably one of the few people who like the idea of an open world with lots of quests and 'mini-adventures' (basically a series of related quests) but not necessarily any larger storyline (not adverse to them, but would rather have a couple mid-sized stories, and lots of smaller adventures than one big story). But, I don't like the time suck that is the MMO. I don't even mind the "grinding" when it's done in the path of a quest like WoW, but I don't like the feeling of having to group up with other people for hours on end to accomplish something.

    Anyway, the descriptions of Oblivion sounded a lot like something I would enjoy, but I don't have a computer capable of running it, and I've got to be pretty sure there are at least 6 games out or close to out that I want for the 360 before I plunk down $300+ on one.
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    That sounds like a the kind of game I could get into. Add that to the FPS list the 360 has going, and the XBLA and I think I'll have to put my radar up for a used 360 pretty soon here... thanks for the input guys!
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    the game was amazing when i got it, but after a while it kinda got boring. i got the Thieves Den expansion and the uh.. magic one.. from OXM for free, but it still wasn't enough to get me back into. The Shimmering Isles or something is a huge expansion coming out soon and i might give that a try.
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    for what sb58 was referring to, that would be The Shivering Isles expansion (which is already out), and there is an earlier release called Knights of the Nine. :)
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    Oblivion is great in that sense, your character has a lot of freedom in what he can do, you can find quests everywhere you go, it really is open ended and feels like a MMORPG.

    The graphics are really nice (though the faces are very poorly modeled).

    The only thing not as open ended is the combat, gear and leveling system, it only lets you go one way and scales everything to your level, meaning if you are a level 1, you'll never find an uber monster like a daedroth or anything, that really sucks, also, you'll never get any gear thats better than what you have, this makes the game very dull in the sense that you either get light armor or heavy armor (both end up being the same actually) and it will ALWAYS be the same for each level.

    Oblivion's Oscuro Overhaul fixes a lot of stuff about this and in my opinion its a mod you really should start playing with from the beggining, Bethesda really bombed the leveling, skill and gear system.

    That being said, I didn't particularly liked the game (then again, I seem to hate good games, I was so unimpressed by God of War and IGN wants to have their baby practically) but I thought it was ok, in any case it still managed to suck 70 hours out of my life :)

    I do recommend it but on PC, with a few mods AND Oblivion Oscuro Overhaul, this last one I separate it from mods because its essential to the Oblivion experience.

    I haven't tried Shivering Isles but I heard it introduces at least one good character (Sheogorath), Oblivion doesn't have any memorable characters (they are all dull, boring and in some cases rather annoying) or any interesting story plot lines, Oblivion has the story and character development of minesweeper at best. This is not an RPG, more like an open ended adventure game.

    In any case to answer your question, yes, Oblivion is as open ended as you think.
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    I have been playing the game for over a year now, and all i can say is wow. Its a huge game, and i probably will never beat it. I have started over 3 times since i started the game. All in all i think i have over 100-120 hours in the game. And i keep finding new stuff, this is the first game i have played this far and long in forever.
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    That actually sounds more fun than an RPG to me. :p I love adventure games, like the original Zelda, before it became overly puzzle based, and Diablo, etc.

    Thanks guys, I think I'm going to have to check this one out... on a 360, though, as I have no desire to build a gaming PC or spend the required money on a Mac capable of running it via Boot Camp.
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    It's not a JRPG. But it's much more like what a "real" RPG would be like. You assume the character and play whatever ever role you decide... you don't play as a pre-existing character that never (or rarely) talks... or who has a mind of his/her own. The character is supposed to be you, not just someone else you are controlling.
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    I don't even like RPGs but this game is just good...I'm a total nOOb to the game but I'm enjoying it so far...wish it was online though.

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    I just got the Shivering Isles exp off Xbox Live and it is turning out to be quite fun. It kinda re inspired me to play the game again. I noticed the improved shader effects on the update since i last played which looks rather good in 1080 i. Any way I would recommend this game to anyone who likes RPG/adventure games. :D
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    oh how much is the Shimmering Isles?

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