October Desktops

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by ViciousShadow21, Sep 30, 2009.

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    Many members here will either be displaying their cover art using CoverSutra or Bowtie. In addition, the members with a lot of text information on their desktops are using the Geektool preference pane. Sweet Geektool scripts can be found here!

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    Post your desktops for the month!

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    Here's mine…

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    wow in early, its not even Oct in Australia yet :D.

    sticking with this great desktop... with more blood. you know where to find it.

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    thats a nice desktop :) dont you think its getting a bit old but :rolleyes:

    this thread should be named "October Desktops 2009".
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    good pictures can be reused, i havent just had this one the whole time though. epic picture, photography at its finest.
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    i have still yet to install SL lol :p
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    Photography by me, using a FILM Nikon F-301
    PM is you want it.
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    Mine at the moment

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    Please share your geektool's script or send the link from the geektool's thread.
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    It's 1 more day till October, no? :confused::confused:
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    Still september, but will be starting October with a bit of Megan Fox......

    nice photograph there tooz

    Link to source of Original

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    please...link....more!!!! :D ;)
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    Link please.
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    Mine for now

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    here is what i use,

    create 7 shell scripts using GeekTool 3

    1st - Current weather (replace YOURZIP with your zip code)
    curl --silent "http://xml.weather.yahoo.com/forecastrss?p=YOURZIP&u=f" | grep -E '(Current Conditions:|F<BR)' | sed -e 's/Current Conditions://' -e 's/<br \/>//' -e 's/<b>//' -e 's/<\/b>//' -e 's/<BR \/>//' -e 's/<description>//' -e 's/<\/description>//'
    2nd - Weather forcast (again replace YOURZIP with yours)
    curl -s http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=YOURZIP | awk '/Today is/ || /Tomorrow is/' | textutil -convert txt -stdin -stdout -format html
    3rd - Weather Image downloader (this pulls the image and puts it in a temp folder otherwise the actual image will not show, replace YOURCITYINFO with yours found on Yahoo Weather)
    curl --silent "http://weather.yahoo.com/forecast/YOURCITYINFO.html" | grep "forecast-icon" | sed "s/.*background\:url(\'\(.*\)\')\;\ _background.*/\1/" | xargs curl --silent -o /tmp/weather.png
    4th - Day of the week
    date +%A
    5th - Month and day#
    date +%B-%d
    6th - Time
    date +%l:%M
    7th - am/pm
    date +"%p"
    then create an image geeklet
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    Grey on grey
    Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

    A little NSFW, if you call drawn breasts not safe for work.

    Pry Frente
    Adium with Colorful contactlist style
    Float Dock
    Desktop by Rubens LP
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    original please? :)
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    Here you go:

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    no, but that bush is...
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    This is resolution only 800x500, and I need in resolution 1280x800.
    Thanks :)
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    Can't find a black version of the Geeky theme for Bowtie... mind sharing?
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