OD2 bought for $38.6m

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 22, 2004.

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    It was sold to US firm "Loudeye". I have done some research and I found an article from Dec. 2003 regarding a cooperation between Microsoft and Loudeye. Loudeye had agreed to provide the infrastructure to the upcoming Microsoft Music Store. This means that when Microsoft launches, they will instantly launch in Europe as well (Prior to iTMS in UK, FR, GA; OD2 was/is the largest provider of digital music in Europe). Speculation as to how this pans out?

    Linked Article from Dec. 15, 2003.
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    Peter Gabriel sucks.
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    grrr, Apple should have bought OD2 and converted the users to iTunes.

    it's not like $40m is much to apple anyway...
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    OD2 will still fail because it sucks. Apple iTunes Music is the best and rocks. Apple just needs to keep on the ball, listen to customers, and expand ASAP.
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    ho hum. I'm not worried. Apple is years ahead of the competition. iTMS is gaining marketshare (and mindshare), there are 2 flavors of iPods available, we've got AirTunes, iTunes keeps getting better and better on both Macs and PCs, and i'm sure Apple has more up their sleeve to keep the consumers spending. They've really thought this one out well. M$ will obviously present some challenges because of their might, but a little competition never hurts.

    There is one qutoe that interests me . . "By combining with Loudeye, we create the world's largest licensed catalogue of music available for digital distribution." Is there any truth to this? I get the feeling Apple has 'em here too.

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