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Odd Banner Adverts

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by pimentoLoaf, Mar 12, 2005.

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    As I understand it, they're contextual to whatever is on the page.

    This one, fronted the main MR page a few moments ago:

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    go on....
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    maybe there was a canadian looking for a web-university surfing at exactly the same time, and the ad-banner rotation is just that good...

    ever think of that?
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    Google is capable of targetting ads not only on the content of the page, but on the location of the IP address (yours) which is browsing the page. So Canadians can see Canadian-specific ads that US browsers will not see.
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    mad jew

    That explains a lot. I'm always getting Australian-specific banners whether or not I got to local sites.
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    I just wish I would stop seeing ads for Google Desktop Search, a Windows-only app, on an Apple site.
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    Google's not THAT clever...
  8. TEG
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    I get ads all over the net, specifying my location (Currently Carlsbad, CA) even though all my accounts are registerd at home (Langley,WA). I've also seen a few Mac Centric ads on other sites when I surf from my TiBook. It wouldn't be that hard to tailor the ads to a peticular platform, especially since your system is broadcasting your, OS, Browser, and IP-Address.

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    I've been bombarded with the same stupid ad for days now. At least, they changed it yesterday so the logo is not flashing very fast anymore. That one was VERY annoying. I moved other windows on top of it to hide it until I could scroll it off.

    The ads have been getting crappier and completly out of context lately, sometimes bordering fraudulous spam. No Viagra yet but I feel it's coming ^_^ I would gladly pay for a "premium" Ad-Free account given the opportunity.

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    I often get a broken image for a banner ad because Safari tells me it's a "zero byte resource".

    Now, only Google AdWords/AdSense ads get through, ever since I modified my hosts file...
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    /me suddenly remembers why he uses Firefox in combination with userContent.css and AdBlock....
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    Download Firefox and download the extention Nuke Anything... then right click on the ad and click 'Remove this Object' and you wont see it until you reload/exit the page
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    I'd use the extension that always allows normal right clicks along with that, but I forget what it's called.

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