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oem black metel back cover?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by bidwalj, Jul 5, 2007.

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    That's not OEM. I wonder why they're naming it that. :rolleyes:
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    who knows, they may have a deal with or be the company who makes this panel, I am sure it is farmed out to someone. anodizing it black looks pretty cool
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    that looks cool i woud get one, but i have the same question as u on the ease of changing it. But i don't think it's metal, i think it's plastic, there doesn't seem to be and reflection on the logo.
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    I think it is OEM. They look like a company that takes things apart, colors them, and resells. At least that's what I see from looking at the other products.
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    is the back cover of the iphone even removable? how would you put that sucker on even if u tried?
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    If you mean the Apple logo, it's just a cut-out (you can see in one of the pics the shadow of the surface through/behind it). Not sure why they've not put the chrome Apple logo on there though - maybe when you remove the iPhone's back the Apple logo will still be there, so the silver case itself may just have a cutout Apple?! Can anyone verify this?

    Still looks plastic though, shame.
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    I emailed them about this today. Their reply:-

    "It is 100% metal aluminium and it comes with the "cutout" for the apple logo, you can remove the chrome logo from the silver cover and put it on the black one.".

    I also asked for fitting instructions, and they said they're in the middle of preparing a video tutorial on their website.
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    just ordered one! will put up a review when i get it!

    just ordered one! will put up a review when i get it!

    all black will be good!
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    Sounds good! Have you got instructions?
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    You can probably follow this.
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    I was thinking it was easy until I saw the camera is mounted onto the back case, looks annoyingly difficult to do with that on it.
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    Looks cool. Would be so awesome to have a light up apple logo on the back on the iPhone. :apple:

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