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Official 'American Idol' App Hits App Store

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 10, 2009.

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    American Idol Season 8 Exclusive [App Store, $1.99], the first official iPhone application for the popular American Idol television show, has arrived in the App Store.

    Those who have not yet grown weary of the show can use the application to learn more about the show and contestants, as well as view weekly exclusive video clips.

    The app also allows users to predict the order in which contestants are voted off and track contestants' progress, and provides easy access to American Idol iTunes releases.

    Article Link: Official 'American Idol' App Hits App Store
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    how is this show still a huge hit?
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    I kinda like the show. I don't watch for the singing. The entertainment value alone is worth enough. Drama, overpimped bad singers, overtly gay guys, horrible group numbers, and guess what, this week they will butcher michael jackson songs.... it's got it all!
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    Randy Jackson is my DOG!:D
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    You couldn't pay ME $30 to buy this App! LOL
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    this sounds exactly like the south park app that was denied...
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    While it looks nicely done, I won't be purchasing it.
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    I'll admit, I watch American Idol, but usually only the first episodes where they go to the different cities & audition. I love seeing the really awful/really weird people and see the judge's reactions.

    While I'd never get the app, something I wish they did with this app is let people actually vote using it along with the way they do it now. Would be cool.
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    American Idol?

    Is this *really* the best app you could pick to promote? Really?

    There wasn't anything else out there that has a litte more substance and a little less hype? Nothing? Really?
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    This is a promotional app, i don't understand why they are charging for this.
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    cause it will make them money. they already have their audience hooked, they're just trying to profit off of them more.
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    Anything to make more money off of overly enthusiastic fans. You know how they have "collector's editions" for movies with director's cuts, deleted scenes, and all of that stuff? Think of this app as something along those lines.
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    Hah! Love the
    part! American Idol and it's fans (I have some friends who love it) are just a bit pathetic. I've personally never been a fan and don't see why one would like it, but I guess it's their choice.
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    I hate these promo apps.
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    i like and watch idol but what happens to the app after the season is over? its senseless to pay $2 for it, there should be $0 charge for it
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    I'd rather purchase iFart.
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    Unless users can actually make their votes from it, it's (utterly) worthless.
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    i guess when the next season starts, they either update it or make you buy a new one. Isn't that how the baseball replay thing works? $5 / season
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    I can't believe they're charging for this. Something like this should be free. It's promoting their show, for Pete's sake!
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    Mr. Giver '94

    American Idol sucks you know what......
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    I am so sick of American Idol....Please go away!!!! Please go away!!!
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    "Those who have not yet grown weary of the show"

    Haha. Nice. :)
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    Great yet another overpriced and hugely useless application for the iPhone solely to exploit some of the less intelligent user market.
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    My wife simply likes to watch American Idol and see talented singers.

    You choose to insult someone you have never met.

    Yea, someone is pathetic alright.
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    Anyone that can't find anything better to do with thier time than watch overrated karaoke IS pathetic.

    Marco114 I hate people like you that willingly watch something knowing its trash.

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