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***Official FACIAL HAIR Thread***

Discussion in 'Community' started by jrv3034, Jan 15, 2004.

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    Just curious, since I have my wedding coming up, I'd like to know what you all think of facial hair.

    MEN: Do you have facial hair? (i.e. beard, moustache, goatee, etc.) What are your thoughts?

    WOMEN: Do you like facial hair on men? What style?

    I am clean shaven right now, but have sported a goatee for a couple of years. My fiancée likes both looks, so I'm trying to decide whether I should have facial hair for the wedding or not.

    Let's hear it!
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    Well, with the average temperatures at my college being around 3 degrees for the high for the past two weeks, I'm seriously considering growing a full beard...right now I'm cleanshaven though.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Currently I have a beard....have to post a pic in the MR photo thread maybe.

    For my wedding I shaved. It basically comes down to the fact that you should do what you want to see on all your wedding photos. There will be a lot of them and if facial hair is something you want to have for you wedding, then fine. But if its only a passing idea, or something you don't do often, I'd go clean shaven.

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    i've got a close-cropped beard/mustache thing going and have for years. i'm too lazy to shave on a regular basis...

    but i'm clean shaven in my wedding photos because it's so hot here in the summers that i shave it off for a few months...

    so do whatever makes your boat float.
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    I have a clit-strip (or a Brazillian if you wish to be eloquent) in the middle of my chin, from my lip piercing down to just under my chin... I'm down with the fuzz!

    p.s. see my 'tar :p
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    Yeah, I guess clean shaven is the best way to prevent having the photos be instantly dated. You know, styles change, and I don't want to be forever preserved with the 2004 equivalent of a 70's Magnum PI mustache (sp?). Believe it or not, that was stylin back then!:eek:
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    Unless you're a Queen/Freddie fan... it'll never die!!! :p
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    Mr. Anderson

    Very good point :D

    You look at photos like that decades later and its an immediate "What *were* they thinking" reaction....

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    I sport a winter beard a few months of the year, but it's goatee the rest of the time, for me.
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    clean shaven is the way to go.

    too many guys in America have mustaches, it's really quite sad i think, goatees aren't as bad, but still crap. designs in facial hair are bad, with a few exceptions but that depends on the person, not the style.

    personally, i shave once or twice a week, i look better with a couple of days growth, and i'm lazy about it too.

    have a good one anyways!
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    Clean shaven clean shaven clean shaven.

    I hate facial hair. Only the few and the proud can pull it off. I also hate large amounts of body hair. I'm all about keepin it trim.

    Still, I guess it depends on what you look like under the hair. If you are Brad Pitt, shave it. If you are Robin Williams, let it all grow.

    Check out the photos thread (sticky on top of community section) to see what the MR community prefers.

    linky linky
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    this is amusing. no women posters?
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    Funny, I was just debating whether to shave a few minutes ago. I suppose I don't really care either way. I just like change, so I'll let it grow sometimes, and other times, I'll shave it. Perhaps I'll grow a gotee later though.
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    I recently shaved off my goatee, but I'm not sure whether I'll let it grow back or not.
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    i don't like how i look clean shaven.

    but having a full winter beard that is out of control can be goofy. once i get some more pictures of this goofy beard, i'll be shaving it

    here's me in november, and now...

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    i'm too lazy to shave constantly... i have a little 'fuzz' growing, but i don't want a beard or anything like that.
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    Mr. Anderson

    you call that full? kind of scragly....I'll post mine soon :D

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    That beard makes you look like you got fat Jello! (double chin)

    Crazy! Maybe its just the photo...
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    I'm clean shaven and have been all my life. I admire people that have a beard. From what I understand from others it take a lot of work to have a nice looking beard. So the work that it entails, impresses me.

    I look forward to seeing your photo Mr. Anderson.

    Since you are clean shaven now, you should keep it that way for the wedding jrv3034.
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    I'd go with clean shaven. You always have the last 20 years of oyur life to be that creepy old man with the beard ....

    In my case I don't have such options. I have slow growing facial hair ... and it blonde, instead of dark like my hair so it doesn't really show even when its not completely smooth. not really something to help you but for me its really nice not to have to shave all the time.
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    Isn't that also refered to as a 'soul patch'? Or is that too 70's for you? :cool:

    I have a goatee (sans 'stache) I haven't heard my girlfriend complain about it but if I was getting married I would shave it off.... But I'm probably not emotionaly attached to my facial hair as some.
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    I suggest the look below. I'm assured by the BBC that this is the height of fashion.

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    HOW did that dude keep a straight face??!!?!??

    Well, maybe because he couldnt see it.
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    Of course, if you need to go with the clean shaven look the style below from the same BBC coverage of a Milan Men's fashion show is a must.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Those fashion dudes are quite impressive....don't know if I could color my facial hair :D

    Its red BTW with a little blond around the mouth.


    iSight snapshot....

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