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Official iPod Touch complaints thread!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jmack549, Sep 13, 2007.

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    I know there will be some, lets be real people. While I'm waiting on mine let us all know the small things that bother you, regardless of how small they may be.
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    that i pre ordered and people are picking them up in the store before i get mine
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    That's my #1 complaint right now too. But now, do I cancel and chance finding one in stores, or keep my order? Argh...
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    My complaint is that stores were sent shipments before pre-orders were filled!!!

    Plus Apple Store OKC is UNDER RENOVATION UNTIL THE 15TH!!! Not like I can just go and pick up a touch then cancel my order. The only other store in the state of Oklahoma is 3 1/2 hours away from me.

    I'm pissed.
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    thats the question of the day...(or weekend...) my store says they had 4 left at 5pm today. not the greatest chances for tommorrow.
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    HAHA, that made me laugh, and I apologize. Thinking about you rushing to the store and finding it in shambles is humorous for some reason. I'm sorry. Adding insult to injury.
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    Well i'm not that dumb- of course i called first. :rolleyes:
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    i hope apple read this. i want some FORGIVENESS! OR Free Stuff!
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    I know, but stop ruining my dreams...
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    Free stuff? From Apple? :p
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    iphone owners got $100
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    How quaint.... to think that the average forum member (here or anywhere) will think it best to choose not to be self serving and post yet another redundant message thread about __whatever__ complaint they might have (no matter how many times its been addressed) but instead choose to post their issue here in your officially designated thread.. Ummmmm... yea.. sure... :lol:

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    And a lot felt like they deserved $200. But yes, that was a huge deal for Apple to do something like that.
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    My complaint is that the Wisconsin Madison store dudes were like, "ah, you saw pictures on the internet, those are fake" and I had to be like, "ah, like, what-ever" and then he was like, "oh no u didn't" and then I was like, "oh no u ddn't, u beotch!".

    Mainly though, I'm just bummed they didn't have the touches. I was prepared to drive 2 hours there and 2 hours back to buy one :(
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    On most of the other forums I regular, they have threads like this to take up less room. If it doesn't work here, it goes away, what's the big deal? But thanks for the free bump.
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    Two hours? That's terrible.
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    In the long run it would save me time, i could stop looking at these forums all day :)
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    I hate calling Apple.

    They have stupid hold music.


    Maybe I get some compensation?
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    Well, according to "Dereck" at Apple Support what the retail stores and the online/phone store gets are two different things.

    I made it clear that I was under the impression that when I "pre-order" something I am going to have my order filled before or at the same time as everyone else.

    Well, I was bumped up to 2 day shipping for free. Better than nothing :)
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    Where are you located? Where does Apple ship from?
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    I'm from Oklahoma and I have no idea where they ship from.
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    My comment was intended to be a light hearted dig poking fun at how many forums tend to operate... but to be totally honest to actually have a single thread that would attempt to cover ALL complaints related to a product such as the iPod touch would be far less than useful now that I think about it.

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    It's not to cover every single complaint that comes up with the iTouch, but rather small quirks found with the item right after it has come out. Stuff for people to look for when they get theirs.

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