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Official MacWorld SF 2004 Stream - It's Back.

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jan 4, 2004.

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    Apple has reposted the "Official" MacWorld San Francisco 2004 Keynote webcast page.
    Apple posted it previously -- but was taken down later that day. Without an official Apple Press Release regarding the stream, this had raised concerns that Apple may not be streaming the keynote.

    These worries seem unfounded with the return of the webcast page. Official satellite coordinates, however, are not yet available.
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    come on steve

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    Yea, I can watch it now!

    That is if I can get off work early. I would assume that is 12 noon EST.
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    What about Apple Stores that normally open at 10 am? Will they open early for this? I'd rather see it on a big screen.
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    Dont you mean official MacWorld stream?

    Not official MacRumors stream!!!???
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    That would be quite interesting actually. Arn sitting in his chair as we watch him instantaneously update the low-bandwidth MacRumors via a webcam. :)

    Less than 38 Hours!!!
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    sweeeeeeet... i'm really looking forward to this one :D :D
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    :D can't wait!

    I love these January rituals... :cool:
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    I assume this broadcast will also be available at the Apple stores with a theatre in the back?

    I was thinking about going to an Apple store for that full effect..
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    The anticipation, a 4am thrill ride ;)
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    Good to see it's back. I'm going to watch it as soon as I get up on Wednesday morning (it'll be Tuesday in the US).
  12. dho
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    Man am I glad tuesday is a teacher work day. :)

    I am hoping for more then mini ipods, considering that I am very content with my brand new 20 giger.

    New powermacs would be nice. I guess only time will tell
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    The Plan

    Well some of us still have dial up but on Tuesday I plan on going back to my high school to help a friend of my edit and scan some photos ito FCP and I think around 11 am central my former film teacher would not mind giving me access to her broadband iMac and letting a certain film roll by for us to watch (she has no class at 11).

    This could be fun . . .

    Thanks for the link guys
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    Dont Hurt Me

    all i can say is its got to be big otherwise Apple wouldnt be streaming Steve, be prepared for something special and mini ipods wouldnt be it. think bigger:)
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    Jerry Spoon

    Now I know what I'm doing at 11:00 on Tuesday...now if I only knew what I was doing the rest of the week.
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    im wearing my stupid pants,, can someone tell me what time this is in Ontario, Canada...
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    Noon, Eastern time. That's what you're in, right?
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    Go here to get the time in other countries :)
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    I certainly think something special is coming out besides the mini iPods... I can't wait..

    To impatiently comment again.. does anyone know if the Apple stores will carry the stream in the stores similarly to previous events?
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    All this hype about an iBox is great, but what I would really love to see is some sorta of Apple Media box where one could store all their iTunes and stuff and be able to stream it to other computers, and maybe sync up 2 or more iPods to it.

    My collection is so large now that I'm considering building a dedicated server to handle it. My 9500 with OS X on it would be perfect!
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    Whew, I was getting worried.

    iBox = failure that'd make the Cube seem downright like the iPod. Pass please, consumers wouldn't get it, waste of R&D.
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    I don't know if we're nessisarily going to see anything bigger than the mini-iPods, but Apple is definitely putting in more effort in to this presentation. If I recall correctly, in the past they have only provided the videos post-keynote, this is the first live real-time stream if I'm correct.
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    In 2003, the only live keynote was MWSF (I think). I know WWDC didn't have a live webcast. The first Music Announcements Keynote in April could be seen live on MSNBC, but nothing from Apple.

    It's a shame. Live Keynotes are great.
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    Whew! I was getting nervous there for a bit. Good to see the stream is back. I've already told my boss I have "an appointment" and wouldn't be available from 12-2:30 (I'm an independent contractor so I can pretty much set my own schedule.)

    Hope everything works well with the stream, I had a bit of difficulty last year.
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    Keynote in store theaters?

    I was in the Cherry Creek (Denver) Apple Store yesterday and was told that they had yet to receive word on showing the keynote in the theater... anyone hearing anything different?

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