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Official PlayStation 4 App for iOS to Launch Alongside Console in November

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 20, 2013.

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    During its press conference at the 2013 Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced that it will be releasing its official PlayStation 4 app on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices to launch alongside the release of its upcoming gaming console, reports Polygon. The app will include various features such as enabling the use of a mobile device as a designated game controller or second screen with compatible titles, as well as integration with Sony's Playstation Network such as allowing users to see information about friends, as well as advanced sharing features:
    The app was first revealed alongside the PlayStation 4 at the 2013 PlayStation Meeting this past February. The official PlayStation 4 app will be avaliable as a universal app for download on the App Store this November.

    Article Link: Official PlayStation 4 App for iOS to Launch Alongside Console in November
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    You better be able to use your iPad for chat convo's. Typing with the controller is painful!
  3. B4U
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    PS4 comes out November 15th for the USA
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    THIS. I have mine preordered through Amazon to arrive on 11/15. Sony is trying to battle the Xbox's stranglehold on the US market by sending their all their first run of stock here.
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    I have both consoles on Preorder. I love my Xbox 360, and I know I'll love Xbox One. My PS3 was good for a few exclusive titles. We'll see who wins this gen!
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    I'll believe it when I see it....

    I am still waiting for the official PSN App which was promised for iOS ages ago. It still have never come out in North America.
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    It has already been established that the US is getting the PS4 BEFORE Japan. Google it.
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    Yes! A fast way to type!!
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    Dang, that sucks...
    That means my buddies will be playing like 3 months before I will until I get my hands on a JDM PS4...:(
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    Anonymous Freak

    As others have said, it launches in the US before Japan.

    Hence, Americans will get it B4U.
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    Yup, 15 Nov in the US, 29 Nov internationally, and 22 Feb in Japan. Strange, but true!
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    Hence, writing an angry email to SCEJ...
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    We all know Murrica is special
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    PSN integration is interesting. I wonder if it will be along similar lines to the existing app for Steam?
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    Pretty nice. Hopefully it'll be less error-prone than Xbox Smartglass has been.
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    There's already a PSN app for iOS. Last time I used it it was just a friends list manager and had links to the PS blogs.

    I imagine it will at least work like the Bravia iOS app, which acts like an off-screen TV guide and advanced remote (with cursor and keyboard function). And at the most act as way of viewing friends streams, buying content... possibly with game interaction.

    (Could you imagine playing GTAV and having the ingame phone work on your own phone? So you'd receive "fake" calls, texts and emails from the characters. That'd be quite ace)

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