Official Scratched iPod Pics thread.

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by TheMonarch, Oct 22, 2005.

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    There has been lots of talk and angry people about Apple's scratchable iPods... There's even a lawsuit going on :rolleyes:...

    And yet, no pictures...

    Well guys and gals, show them... Show your scratched iPods.

    But first, a few suggestions when posting. Please tell:

    1) How long have you had it?
    2) What kind of use does it usually go through (Run with it?, School? etc...)
    3) What Gen. is it?
    5) What are your comments on the amount of scratches it has...

    Mine: I got mine less than 2 weeks after its release, iPod 4G 40GB. I take it to school and listen to it while on commute. I think this iPod has gone through some rough times. I babied it a little bit, but most of its scratches come from the time I misplaced my case, and put it in my pocket with my wallet. But, hey, I'm not suing Apple for it.

    On one of my pics, those darker areas are shadows from my rosebush, not stains or burns ;)

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    Scratched...pfft...that thing is in great condition lol. You should see mine, ill get pics up soon,
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    Bah, I cant believe these lawsuits. Someone on this board said it best - "Should I sue Chevy for the scratches on my car?" :rolleyes:

    4G B/W 20GB that I've has since last Christmas. Gets lots of daily use while walking to and from class. No case on mine, just sits in my pocket (with my keys :eek: ). Yes, its scratched. No, I'm not going to sue Apple.

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    Are you sure this threads official??:cool:
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    No :D
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    That iPod is most definetly NOT scratched... jeez, you REALLY babied that thing! If there were a scratchless iPod contest, you would probably win. I'd like to see some pictures of these "easily scratched" ipods though... Mine's en route, and I'll post if it does in fact scratch up easily.
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    Mine has a deep scratch in the play button (pocket with car keys :rolleyes:) and then a lot of scuffs on the plastic parts, with pretty much no scratching on the metal. If the nano scratches the same way mine did I don't think the lawsuit is at all have to really not care about it to have it get so damaged you can't read the screen.
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    Well mine nano scratches like crazy. The screen was scratched after 1 day. And that was just from the headphones rubbing against it in my pocket. I really don't mind if the back gets scratched up. I think the lawsuit is completely justified based on what I have seen with my nano. (I also have a 3G 20gb iPod and it is hardly scratched.

    I will post pics if I can.
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    I'll trust your judgement (though I'd love to see pictures) and withhold my comments about finicky iPod owners for the moment...
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    My 4G original 40GB iPod Photo has barely any scuffs on it. I use a skin and baby it.

    It's my understanding that the new ones shouldn't even be touched. :rolleyes:
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    i believe this thread is a re-birth of "how scratched is your iPod?" started by me!:D

    official? pah;)
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    I don't have a camera at the moment, but I got my 30GB Photo 7 months ago, and it has virutally no scratches on it aside from a few minor ones when I had to send it in through Best Buy to be repaired and it was out of its sock.

    I'll try to post pictures if I get a chance.
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    a lemon, duh!
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    Uh, ok....:confused:
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    the funny thing is the one's in the apple store don't look scratched at all.. hrm.. :rolleyes:
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    Well then no one goes to your Apple store because the iPods in the ATL stores are scratched like crazy. Like someone sat there and clawed at it for a few hours.
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    What?... Only one scratched nano? :rolleyes:

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    It's funny because that's exactly what happened to them!

    This thread = ::tumbleweed::

    Anyway, I must be off. I've got lots of companies to sue today. My camera doesn't work anymore because I used it in the rain, and holy crap my new Pumas are dirty and they shouldn't be because they were $85 shoes. They should know that shoes go on the ground and make dirt not stick to them! That couldn't possibly cost more than an extra dollar.

    There won't be a decent corporation left standing by the time I'm done! But don't worry HMOs and sweatshops, I won't sue over poor health care or human rights violations. That would be a waste of my time.
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    If you use your iPod then expect scratches. if you dont want ANY scratches on it then just dont take it out of the box.

    People are so sue happy today, it makes me wanna puke.
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    Did you drag it behind your car for 20 hours?

    You dont seem to take care of your stuff very well... I wouldnt get that many scratches on my iPod in 20 years.
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    Mike Teezie


    my beloved 2nd Gen, 20 gig iPod:



    I'll baby my 5th Gen a bit more.

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