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Oh damn, "Did My Mom Just Break my Powerbook?"

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MainFrame23, Dec 16, 2006.

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    To make a long story short, my mother accidently whacked over a cup of water onto the top of a close powerbook in my dorm while visiting, which was pretty far away from said water. I was outside, and she, being unable to find me for the first few seconds, immediately wiped it down inside and out and set it aside. I have no idea if she plugged it in, and then came to find me after a minute of cleaning it. After I returned, I saw that it wasn't in any damage and my mom told me she cleaned it down, and tried to turn it on with no luck (battery inside). Realizing, she took the battery out, and plugging it in, trying to turn it on. I wasn't around for any of this, and when I got back, I nearly **** a brick. It's not my mom's fault, and I owe her so much that she could break it over my face and I'd be ok with it (plus I just dropped for a nice desktop so i'm not too upset). She says that while trying to find me she heard a humming and couldn't figure out what it was coming from (I guess she didn't think the water damage was so bad). Was that just the death rattle of my Powerbook?

    Did my mom just bust my PowerBook, or is there any hope? It's currently opened, turned on it's side, with a fan full blast going at it.

    I'm going to leave it there for four or so days, but i'm just sad that my Powerbook after two years may just be gone (and the money with it).

    Did my mom just kill my Powerbook? Or can I grasp onto some straws pleading for the Gods not to take my poor baby so soon?

    If so, what probably ate it? The Mobo? The CPU?
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    While any liquid and computers do not go together very well you may still have some hope. Turn the computer upside down and do not plug it in, insert the battery or attempt to power it on for 3 or so days. After that time period hold down the power button for 10 seconds (without battery or power cord) to reset the PMU. You have a decent shot of powering it up. Failing that there are always repair options.

    As far as what was damaged in the liquid spill it varies by where it was spilled, most commonly the MLB though.
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    Most of the time, any amount of liquid wont harm a laptop UNLESS it is turned on (or tried to be turned on) before the liquid evaporates. The hum she heard was probably the fat lady singing, but there is still a good chance (I do mean a good chance, I'm not just patronizing you) that it will work after it dries.
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    While thats true depending on the mineral content of the water as well as the possibility of rust are always present. If it does not power on and you are courages you may want to try opening it up and cleaning off the damaged sections.
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    Apparently the fat lady decided to forego the singing and just hum a few bars of Ragtime Blues.

    But, she's drying out now. I'm going to go fetch some crucifixes, miniature buddahist statues, stars of david and any other religious icons I can get my hands on and sprinkle them around it in hopes of a recovery.

    How much would the replacement parts run for the PB, if I were to replace and buy them myself? I probably don't have the money, but I had to ask.
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    I've built a fair share (and opened dozens others) laptops and computers, so I have no problem venturing into it if I can find a proper guide to it (never done an Apple.. they don't freaking break enough for me to have a chance).

    The water itself though was the jug of water kind you can buy in any supermarket. I think it was some brand called 'Deluge'. Pretty clean and clear, but that won't improve my chances I guess.
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    I had a friend with an old laptop and he was trying to get it to break for some reason (it was Compaq). So, he poured an entire cup of water on the keyboard while it was turned on. There was water dripping everywhere, out the bottom, out the sides, but it never died. :eek: It was still working weeks later, so he just smashed it...

    I guess this doesn't help you at all...but maybe it will give you some hope. :rolleyes:

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