Oh My God, Apple killed common sense!

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    Link: Oh My God, Apple killed common sense!
    Description:: Is it about time we started fighting back against Apple application double standards as it bans an official South Park iPhone app in case it might upset someone?

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    Such a vast system needs quality control.

    Are you honestly going to "fight" Apple over applications you yourself will not download for serious use?

    Can you blame Apple for wanting to have the best quality App Store possible?

    No, there has to be a level of professionalism.
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    So, just about anything counts as news now??:rolleyes:

    Anyone remember the thread from a VERY concerned parent over a few swear words and WHY oh WHY apple allowed her precious youngins the POSSIBILITY of downloading such an offensive app? Remember?

    Seems like people will just bitch and moan whenever given the chance.....
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    "you" "yourself"? Who you talking to? The bot?
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    yet we have fart apps:rolleyes:
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    For god sakes, please dont loose the professionalism!!
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    But yet, Apple allowed the "South Park: Imaginationland" App. Their double standard is even within the same Genre. Why block one SP App but allow another?
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    Are they the same thing? Do they have the literally same function? Just because they both deal with south park doesnt mean they are the same. (Of course I have no idea what either does).

    Its obvious that Apple deals with these on an individual basis.
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    And I don't understand what is so bad about Apple restricting the content of their store.

    Every brick and mortar store restricts what they sell. Sure, there are other factors that weigh into a physic store (like space), but they do reject products due to quality and image. This is nothing new.

    But you say the problem is not that Apple restricts their own store, but that it is the only store in town? And some other cell phone has it better I suppose? Aye? Yes, I know a bunch of companies just announced new stores, but that isn't relevant until they are actually open for use.

    Okay, well Perhaps the iPhone is one of (if not the most) open cell phone to application development, it's also the most open MP3 player to app development. So they restrict the distribution method, big whoop. You can always write the app yourself and put it on your own device. They don't restrict you from doing that.

    Or does everyone still insist on comparing the iPhone to the home PC paradigm? While it's a great knee jerk comparison, after all, Apple does make PCs. However it really truly is not a PC, and should not be compared to that market.

    Compare it to the market it actually exists in, the cell phone and MP3 market. Yes, eventually it will get to where it ought to be, closer to the PC paradigm, but not yet. So please, let's all stop pretending like it is.


    Peace :)
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    This is news worthy of being posted on the left side of macrumors?

    Hey. I saw a story about a 500 lb pony. Can we link to that too?
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    Let's Sekuhara!

    Oh man, this is so FFFFFAAAAAIIIILLLL!
    I knew that censorship would be a problem with the App Store.

    South Park Studios is a long-term devoted client of Apple.
    They are even featured on Apple's website! See:

    Way to say thanks, Apple. Maybe 2009's slogan is "Think different... but not too different."
    It will be funny if South Park runs an episode about this incident.
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    I'm pretty when Apple says "Think Different" That "Think Intelligently" and "Think Clean" are implied.

    South Park sure is different, but so is what comes out of my rectum after eating at the school cafeteria. There is a limit to "Different".

    Apple didn't reject them for being too different from the rest of the offerings. So I'm unsure where your comment has grounds?
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    I think Apple should use the ESRB (the dudes who rate video games) as an independent source for rating the content of the apps on the app store. Parents could have controls limiting the content their children have access to and Apple doesn't have to play the role of censor. Win, Win imo.
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    The MPAA and the ESRB are made up of some of the most uptight people in the world. I nearly cried when "teen partying" started becoming a common reason to up a rating of a movie.
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    The point is that Apple is not in the business of content evaluation, whereas some of these other independent organizations are. There is obviously a need to evaluate the content of these apps and every one of these borderline cases will be more bad press for Apple if they keep it going the way they are.
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    To be honest, I think they should have let this through with a content warning on it (akin to the explicit lyrics in iTunes) but then they have hinted that this may indeed happen in future and just requires some technical implementation to the store which they are currently developing but is not yet ready.

    On the other hand, if swearathon South Park gets through, a dangerous pressident is set; if they had said yes be sure to have seen 2 million iSwearMobile apps coming to an App Store near you in the future... :rolleyes:
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    Precedent! :eek:

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    Yes. Apple needs to get out of the realm of content evaluation and just use the output from others who do it for a living. They can enforce those ratings (maybe through the credit card registrations), parental controls, and so forth. That allows them to satisfy all the concerns.
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    Fart apps.
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    ...You bastards! :D
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    Quality control? You're kidding me, right? There is little quality in that sea of tripe that is the App Store. It's a little more like activist and political correctness. If Apple would like to tell me why app was rejected when it doesn't violate the rules in any way shape or form, I'm all ears.

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