Oh, No -- am I a spam-bot?!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by idea_hamster, Aug 10, 2006.

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    So I get spam -- maybe 12 a day. Big deal? Not really.

    But just now I got an "undeliverable e-mail" server return -- and when I scroll down to see the message...it's spam! :eek: of the abjectly prurient type! :eek:

    So I need some reassurance: someone tell me that this was just someone spoofing my e-mail address and not someone actually sending e-mail from my account.... :(

    I'm including the text of the e-mail in case someone knows how to interpret it. What makes me think it was spoofing was that the from line was:
    rather than:
    Here's the text without link parsing, but with some all-too-necessary censorship (xxx's):

    (PS -- I say "just" spoofing because it's better than actually being the spam source,
    but it still gets my hackles up! :mad: )

    (PPS -- this may be the most emoticons that I've ever used in a single post. :rolleyes: )
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    This was just someone spoofing your e-mail address and not someone actually sending from your account. It is a very common tactic, used on the assumption that real addresses will sneak more easily though filters (and as a bonus it deflects hate mail from recipients who don't know how to check headers).

    There were occasions when I've received hundreds of bounces a day like that, but most ISPs wised up in the past year or two and turned off the notifications.

    Oh, by the way: You may want to edit your post to fake up those mail addresses, so you don't end up on fresh lists...
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    That's what I figured.

    And thanks for the tip on the e-mail addresses -- it's like I'm some kind of moron ... :rolleyes: ... really, I'd feel worse about the other dude's e-mail address that I left in there.
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    Last week, Orange flagged MY ip as a spammer.

    I'm on a dsl line, some poor soul had a zombie machine, and I had the luck to inherit its IP address the following day.

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    Interesting -- so what happened? All your e-mail got bounced as originating from a "spam source"?

    Or was the IP address enough to have the zombie's spam appear as though it was coming from you? :confused:
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    Yup, everything bounced because of the IP address.
    Quick fix: disconnect the router and restart the adsl connection untill I got another address assigned to my router.

    That's a tale I'll tell my Windows Using friends who think 'I don't need to secure my machine I don't care if it slows down sometimes"
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    Sun Baked

    Does look like you can put off the member name change to spam_hamster for a little bit.

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