Oh noooooooo… $43m slot machine win a 'mistake'

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by arkitect, Apr 1, 2010.

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    Reads like an April Fools joke, but… :eek:
    $43m slot machine win a 'mistake' says Colorado casino
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    I guess that's what you get for putting all your hope into a machine.
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    Mind you, she'll probably win more in a lawsuit because of the mental distress caused. ;)
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    How completely gutting. Seems a little dirty of that casino to claim it as an error too. I guess the house always wins. :rolleyes:
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    Note that when you play and lose, it's never a mistake.
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    I'm immediately suspicious of the casino's 'finding'
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    Agreed, this is just wrong.
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    i agree

    though if its slots and they didnt line up right but the lights went off i could see the aregument

    but if it lined up in the winning combo, id be fighting this all the way
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    Unfortunately, every casino I’ve ever been to has a sticker right where you put your money in that says they are not liable for machine malfunctions. :(

    Poor woman.
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    I have seen a few cases like this pop up recently. A person thinks they win a big jackpot, only to be told it was an malfunction. I guess it's the newest way to make more money for the casino. I bet profits go way up when you don't have to pay out those pesky jackpots.
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    So what's stopping a casino from blaming any big win on a malfunction, even if it's legitimate?
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    Not much, apparently. Casinos are not exactly known for their upstanding honourable business practices at the best of times.
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    I'm not too sure about that. With that big a payout, it's most likely the machine is linked to other machines among several casinos. The slot machine manufacturers are the ones responsible for paying the prize, not the casino.
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    I would only be suspicious ofthe casino if the slot machine could actually win that amount. If the top award is only $5000 and it says she won $43m then Yes it is a malfunction in the software of the machine.
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    The state gaming control board. I’m fairly certain that all malfunctions have to be investigated if they’re over a certain amount.
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    A $43 Million dolar mistake should at least be investigated thoroughly.

    But IMO, the lady is owed the money. A computer glitch is not her problem... it is the casino's problem and the machine's manufacturer's problem.

    A one-in-a-million computer glitch? Sounds like she hit the jackpot either way.
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    "It was just a mistake. We've made winning the jackpot on those machines imposs... I mean it was just a malfunction."

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    I went on a google for similar cases, and there quite a few, probably a lot more than google can come up with. One guy had a similar situation and they wouldn't pay out as they said it was a glitch. They tried to make him sign something to say they didn't have to pay out and that he accepted it was an error. But he wouldn't sign it.

    The guy pushed it and they came to a settlement of an undisclosed amount..

    The law seems to be that if there is an error, they do not have to pay out though it seems there's never been a jury decision on one of these cases.
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    It is time for this lady to "lawyer up."
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    I hope she tries to fight, and should receive her money, but should a women who makes $12,000 a year really be playing $20 slots.

    Reminds me of my grandma who spends all her SS money on the lottery.
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    That's a ridiculous waste. I refuse to hand over my hard earned money to casinos.

    Prostitutes, on the other hand...
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    Yeah actually well spotted.
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    She is free do spend her money however she wants.
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    How is that relevant?

    I could say the same thing about anyone buying anything not "necessary"
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    When I go to the casino I only play cards.

    Poor woman.

    I am typically angered by frivolous lawsuits, but she should file for undue distress or some crap, I bet/hope she would win (for once, ha)

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