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Oh this sucks! (Heartache and disappointment thread, Read at own risk!)

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by chrono1081, May 10, 2011.

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    So, today I am looking at my degree requirements, and marking which classes I have left to take. I've had many C++ classes, AI classes, 3D programming classes, many classes working with game engines, programming in X86 assembler, lots of math classes, classes on low level computer architecture, and as I'm counting my last classes I see this:

    -MMO programming
    -MMO design (usually the planning portion of a programming class
    -Career Development (senior project type thing)

    and....get ready for it....

    Comp100! Gah! Its an intro to computer class! And it makes me use things like MS Office. Talk about taking the wind out of my sails! Somehow I never got scheduled for it and it caught back up to me :(

    Oh well...I'm sad now. That is all...(Anyone else have something similar happen to them?
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    Go to an advisor or even the chair if you can get a meeting with them and explain the situation. You know how to use a computer. Ask if you can test out of it or if it would be sufficient to simply have a professor you've gotten along with sign off that you have the knowledge one would hope to gain from such a course.

    You should not have to waste time and money on a remedial computing class after spending 3-4 years on a CS/CE/whatever.

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    I'm going to call tomorrow. I really hope they let me out of it. The class looks geared towards people who don't know what they are doing with computers (and who certainly shouldn't be in a CS program with a focus on game development).

    To make things worse I've been in IT for over 10 years focusing solely on Windows platforms and there is no need for me to spend $2k on a class like this. In fact, one of my classmates had a lab from that class and sent me a few of the questions (to rub it in I'm sure :p) Take a look!:

    1. Open the Start Menu and write down the programs on the pinned items list.

    2. Start one of the programs on the pinned items list and then describe what it does. Close the program.

    3. Open the Start Menu and write down the programs on the most frequently used programs list.

    4. Start one of the programs on the most frequently used programs list and then describe what it does. Close the program.

    I'd go insane!
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    Reminds me when I re-trained as a librarian. I have double undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering, yet I had to sit through a class where I was taught to click the B button in Word make something bold.
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    513. Write a program that emulates one of the programs on the most frequently used programs list and then profile its call graph and annotate the machine-generated description of what it does. Crash the program and use a reverse-transcription auto-attack vector to infect the core-dump with a mutating key-logger that joins botnets on the #justkidding IRC channel.
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    Ha ha ha!!
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    I suddenly don't feel safe around you anymore...:p
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    Crisis averted!!! I called my school and not only did they say I could test out of it, but I actually already have the credits for it thanks to this line in my military transcripts!


    Comp100 is 2 credit hours so it fills the gap. They just never received an official transcript so I got one sent to them.

    The only bad thing about this whole situation is I could have graduated in August, but since my last two classes are only offered in B sessions I won't graduate until October :( Oh well you win some you lose some.
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    Congrats on not having to take it! I certainly wouldn't fret about a 2-month delay :)
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    Crash Interrupt the program and use a reverse-transcription auto-attackattach vector to infect connect the core-dump with a mutating key-logger remote diagnostic daemon that joins botnets requests assistance on the #justkidding IRC channel developer forums.

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    I have the same problem as you. I have taken some advanced courses. But I still have to take a 1st yr level computer course.

    Unfortunately for me, I cannot get out of it. I think I will just take it sometime, not go to classes and just attend the exams.
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    I didn't feel safe the moment I read his name.
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    Been there and wish I could have done that....
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    Some schools require you to still pay for the credit hours if you test out of a class.
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    Lol much better :p

    On a side note I found out more good news too! A few friends I met who are competent in programming and game development will be in the final class together so we will all try and get in a group (since we all know what we are doing) and try for an awesome senior project.
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    If you take it, you'll earn an easy "A."
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    I had the exact same thing happen and they wouldn't allow me test out. Saying it sucked is an understatement. Some of the people in the class couldn't even figure out how to insert a 3.5" floppy in the machine.
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    I had this too when I was in my first year of my first college (I've been to three :p)

    I went to a community college to get some easy stuff out of the way so I didn't have to pay full price for it at Penn State (big mistake). Turns out that most of the people in my class were adults returning to school who had NO idea how to use computer but chose the computer programming major as their degree choice. Needless to say we had to spend half of the class showing people how to save their work onto floppy, how to open and work in Visual Basic, etc.
  19. MorphingDragon, May 14, 2011
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    Such papers are optional at my university. You could even ask to skip the compulsory first year papers altogether if you get permission from the chairman or dean. I did them because they taught C#, and I couldn't be bothered learning a Windows stack otherwise.

    Feel for ya man, my high school made me do this BS and said it was computer tech. :mad: Bad enough doing things out of a book step by step when you're learning something new and interesting like Flash or Maya, let alone office.



    lolwut? Sounds like something hollywood write would "write" (Vomit through a pen) to sound smart about computers in a show.


    Yep, 275. A real IP address.

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