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Oils on Keys!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by hasty1991, Aug 10, 2011.

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    Oh my word...

    I thought i had pretty clean hands and I've never really had this issue ever before, but... on my new MacBook Air - I can see oils from my hands transferring onto the keys within a day!

    Other than using a keyboard protector, gloves or going through surgical cleaning - how can I protect my keyboard?!

    Any particularly good ways to clean the keys? I can see marks even now on the spacebar and enter!

    Sad! :(
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    The one big drawback to those nasty black chiclet keys. Recall a while back (2009?) someone swapped out their black for white Macbook keys for a cleaner look both aesthetically and practically.

    O/W it's keyboard protector time I'm afraid.
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    I just literally dampen a tissue (very slightly) and give each key a gentle rub. I do this maybe once a week, or whenever I don't feel lazy. Ditto for the trackpad and the palm rest area -- the palm rest area gets a lot of white-ish stains and residue from your palm's natural sweat. It's annoying.

    To be honest, the entire aluminum casing seems to attract a lot of stains and dust. =\

    (Note: For the screen though, I def. do not use a slightly dampened tissue. I just a microfiber to wipe gently.)
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    I dig the black keys, anyone have pictures of white ones on an air?
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    I would recommend you package up your MBA and return it to Apple.

    Citrus based plastic cleaner meant for keyboard use works fine for me.
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    Use protection or accept the consequences.
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    Wait - you are freaking over a little bit of oil sitting on a key? And you couldn't figure out to just wipe it off occasionally?
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    This is the number one issue with Apple products.....FINGERPRINTS.....YUK
    ipod, ipad, macbook, etc....

    Why cant apple use materials that dont show fingerprints....I mean Apple claims to have the more innovative hardware, dont they?
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    Awesome :).

    Oh and get a bloody grip, I'm not freaking - just don't think it's on par with the rest of the laptop. Just a little concerned that I can see visible marks after a day and was seeing what other people did to sort it out (and yes, before you say it - I realise the answer is to clean them, but I was asking for a particular wonder product!)
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    It's not fingerprints that show in this case, i didn't lent my brother my old dell because they keyboard looked like a mess afterwards, he has a habit of rubbing his face or his head and he has somewhat oily skin, i always had to clean the keyboard after he used it, heck i wash my hands every once in a while if they start to feel oily.
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    Lye soap? XD... and your fingers never leave your laptop otherwise another round with lye soap...
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    :eek: Seriously? Return it over THAT?!?
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    Sarcasm: ironic language intended to convey scorn or insult.

    Actually I wanted to say the punchline to this:

    But forum rules probably wouldn't allow me.

    This thread is full of face palms.

    Oh and for the record: I gave the OP advice as to what I use: occasional cleaning with a citrus-based plastic safe cleaner meant for PCs and peripherals (use a lens/glasses cleaning solution for the LCD screen though).
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    Which in turn makes the oily hands/fingers problem even worse... :p

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