Ok. I get the point I can boot win on MACtel, but how?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by imacintel, Mar 22, 2006.

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    How the heck do I boot windows on to my iMac Intel? I have a copy of all the win xp disks from my old win machine:) so I am ready.
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    Unless you feel like being a tester, I wouldn't recommend doing this. There are many issues to be worked out and many drivers are missing - for example the video driver I believe. You won't be able to do much for now. Better to wait. However, look further down on the forums. There's a "windows on mac" section. (The title is similar to that anyway.)
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    Well, the drivers issues aside, the environment is quite stable. I have setup my MBP for network access for the company I work at, and quite a bit works that I wasn't initially expecting. If you can stand the video that is about as slow as running OS X 10.4 on a Pismo... then things should be fine.

    onmac.net has the instructions, although depending on your needs, it isn't for you. Quite a few things don't work nicely just yet.
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    You could start by posting in the correct forum, and reading the posts and guides already there :rolleyes:

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    wha? is there a "Dark Side" (windows related threads :p ) forum somewhere here?
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    Look where this thread is now.

    "Windows on the Mac"

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