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Ok... I got the Galaxy S3

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Sdahe, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Well, I got the Galaxy S3 today and I will be giving mi feedback. I still have the iPhone 4S with me so I'll have the chance to compare side by side. For now the only thing I can say is.... WOW!... the display is amazing. I'm still getting use to the Android eco-system.. hahahaha but it's very nice.

    For now

    1. Amazing screen
    2. Fast UI (no lag so far)
    3. Very thin and light
    4. It doesn't feel big in your pocket

    Will keep you guys inform

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    Meh, you'll be back
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    Hahahhaha...maybe but for now... this Galaxy S3 is awsome!!!... I'm really loving all the Android goodies
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    This. I tried the S3 for about 2 weeks and am back. Coming from the OG EVO I thought I'd like to go back. Tried it and just wasn't the same. Our household and everything we have is now Apple so it just didn't work for us. Missed the simplicity.
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    Ha, ha, I love that pic. :D
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    Just sold my 4S and picked up a nexus to hold me over. I have used Android before. I like the size of the Nexus. The new iphone will be nice with the larger screen. I miss iOS already though. The google nav app seems quite nice though. We will get that with iOS 6 plus integration of SIRI etc into the nav so I can't wait. I will keep the Nexus as a backup.
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    TBH I'd probably be in the Android tablet/ smartphone area if it wasn't for the advances with ML and iOS 6. It's just so convenient to be able to work on documents throughout the platforms (Google Docs isn't exactly my cup of tea). Also iMessage is so fantastic, too good to give up :D

    Have fun with your SIII. Android is an incredible platform if you're in the rooting scene-- virtually anything is possible.

    Although I too think you'll be back-- App Store isn't easy to give up, as well as Apple support.
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    I've had the gs3 since release and after the newness wore off I'm awaiting the release of the new iPhone. After a while the small bugs started to get to me, and missing some of polisheness of ios. I also couldn't find replacement for all my apps, found most though but then I started to hit me that I'm splitting the eco system between my phone and iPad, I'm not sure I want to keep doing that. I like being able to use them universally :(

    Great phone, android is getting better but not quite there just yet, sure you can find replacements for default apps on the play store but why should I need to do that. It also got to me that I don't have a clue as to when to expect an update between google, Samsung and AT&T... Too many hands to go through just for the latest update.
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    Well for now I'm really loving the big screen...:)
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    Just a note to the OP: In future cases, make sure to post threads about non-iPhone smartphones into the Alternatives smartphone subforum, otherwise prepare to get flamed (which I should mention is still a possibility in the correct sub-forum, but at a much lower probability/frequency :p).

    Glad to that you're enjoying your phone though :)
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    So OT it's ridiculous, wtf? WHO CARES?!?!??!?!?!?!?
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    I care!... enough for me.
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    Great! Bye!

    No thanks, not necessary. :)
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    Look... I know a lot of people here want to get taste of the GS3 so my info will be important to them. If you don't like it.... there are thousands of threads out there for your entertainment.
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    I think that these things are definitely objective and true. I'm glad you are enjoying your experience. What sent me running back to iOS was just how unintuitive Android is and how it doesn't just work out of the box easily. To each their own.
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    I agree, the simplicity is what gets you hooked. I'm currently on an HTC vivid, and will be switching back to Apple when the iphone 5 comes out.
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    Co worker just picked one up as well and it's fast light and fun to surf the web on.

    With that said I cannot wait till sept 21st:apple:
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    No chance...my wife just got the s3 and says she likes it much more than her iPhone. I got to say that the s3 is a sweet device. I have the galaxy Note and like the s3 even more than the Note, and much more an my Ip4.
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    Androids are like pretty girls that you get tired of banging and you eventually go back to the girl who serves you well.
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    OP stick with the S3 for at least a month. The first two weeks I missed the simplicity of IOS but then I started to get really into what you can do with the S3.

    I like all the widgets at my disposal and today I made my own custom clock widget. Criticize away but I won't be back.
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    When I played around with the SIII in the store, I indeed remember being fascinated with the screen. I've never really liked Android's interface, but the newest one seems almost on par with iOS. Still, I've yet to encounter a model that is as fluid and easy to navigate as Apple's products. The larger screen is nice, although I think it would be quite difficult to use with one hand. It's light, which is a big plus over the iPhone. If I were to get an Android, I think Samsung's phones would be the way to go.

    Quote of the week!
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    You know the only REAL thing that to me you will miss is the Apple support. That cant be beat but that isnt something i think about. Ive never broken a phone and im not one to try to get something for free when i mess it up myself like so many in here.

    If you can quickly get used to Android, you may never miss the iPhone. I never did.
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    Don't listen to the people that remain firmly entrenched in the 'reality distortion field' that they can't see the trees through the forest. Much less give an actual informed opinion. These people will dribble hate at anyone that might say anything positive about something other than Apple.

    That said, wait until the iphone 5 is released and we start hearing all the moaning about crappy battery life, assuming the rumors are true about the battery being almost the same size (only a 10 mAh increase) AND it has LTE! Prepare for a phone with barely 4 hours of life. And of course, it looks the same for the 3rd straight year, just a. 49 inch increase in length.

    You'll love the S3 the more you use it. There are so many things you can do with it that an iPhone has no capability of doing. Search a few of my posts and the Web. Androidcentral.com, androidforums.com and xda forums. A lot of good info. Cheers mi amigo.
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    Quite interested on your feedback OP. I've been contemplating switching to the GS3 as well. I like my iPhone but I just want to dabble with something new. I'll probably wait for the new iPhone to be released though before I make any decision.
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    Just wait till Galaxy S3 is given the Android 4.1 Jellybean update, it will leap light years ahead of the iPhone.

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