OK I'm downgrading!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by j4jealousy, Dec 18, 2007.

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    OK I'm seriously considering a downgrade to the Classic from my Touch. I'm fed up with the bugs especially the one screwing up my songs!

    Just by experience, would anyone owning a Classic tell me if they've experienced any bugs that screw with ur songs? I'd appreciate that. Its really my only real concern.
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    My Classic (80GB) has been perfect since I bought it. What sort of song-screwing bugs are you talking about?

    Also... I wouldnt consider the classic a downgrade. You trade a large touch screen for a smaller screen, but you also trade a small (too small to be useful) capacity for a decent size. Its a change of device but hardly a downgrade.
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    Yeah ur right! That's my bad. I didn't mean it like that. Sry if I offended anyone.

    By bugs I mean the kind that would cause the music to skip mid-song.
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    I agree with that. But 8 to 16 GB is not 'too small' for anyone I think. I think most people on put stuff on their iPod what they actually listen to. For example , just a few albums that they really feel like listening too. I understand that people with 80 GB librarys think the iPod Touch is too small, but they won't listen to those 80 gigs of music in one battery cycle ;)
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    Scarlet Fever

    Where did you get your music from? If you downloaded them from P2P sources, more than likely they are corrupted, which explains the skipping.

    If you ripped them from a CD, try re-importing the song :)
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    Yuo could also try reinstalling the iPods firmware at one point?
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    I don't have a classic, but i do have an 8GB touch, and i've never had a problem with it. depending on whether the music files are playable in iTunes or not, you may want to have :apple: work on it.
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    This is definitely not typical for the iPod touch. If you "downgrade" to the iPod classic, the same thing will probably happen again. You better try to find out what's wrong with the songs.
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    Honestly, I only have about 4 gigs of music (Although I do have 15 gigs of movies and such) so the touch would work for me, but I'd rather have a Classic instead, just because I like the original iPod design, and it has losts of space when my library grows. The Classic can be a little slow with cover flow since it is HDD based, but it will more then suit your needs.
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    I've had no problems at all with my iPod touch. Its been a great device during the past week. One of the really useful feature is that u can delete a movie once you've watched it!
    I would not ever downgrade, (only if it was for capacity problems)
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    Well the songs that have been skipping are the ones i bought of the iTMS :(

    Yea, i'm kinda worried about that.
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    Phil A.

    I've never had a song skip on any of my iPods. Currently I've got an iPhone and a Classic and my Daughter's got a touch (that was mine before I got the iPhone) and they all work perfectly. If you're having skipping problems it's most likely to be a problem with either the song or the transfer to the device. Alternatively, it could be a hardware fault with your particular device (Such as bad memory, etc).
    Is the iPod touch Jailbroken?
    Do the songs play OK on iTunes?
    As others have said, I think you need to determine what the problem is before simply swapping hardware over.
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    Alright then. Let's try to diagnose the problem. :)

    Well my Touch isn't jailbroken and, concerning songs, its either 1 of 2 problems:

    1. On iTunes it'll play fine. No problems. On my iPod the song will make clicking sounds during the track. So far i've only found 1 song that does that. That song btw is one i bought off the iTMS.

    2. On iTunes the song will skip at the exact same spot where it'll skip on the iPod. Oh and just for reference the skipping that happens on iTunes is the different kind of skip. The kind that sounds like a piece of the song is missing but keeps playing. On my iPod the song will stop at that particular point and skip to the next song. Most of the songs with problems have this problem. All these songs, again, bought off the iTMS.

    What do u guys think?
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    My 80GB Classic is perfect so far, no problems at all.
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    My is too, and I did agonise over which I should get a classic or touch.
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    I dont have many iTuned-bought music, but the onesI do have do not exhibit any problems like those described here, either on the iPod or on iTunes itself.

    Is it possible you have a/some bad download(s)? It might be a good idea to see if you can re-download one of the worst affected files - I dont know if iTunes provides such a feature? I'm not on my macbook at the moment so I cant have a look for you.
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    of course not, but why should i have to decide in advance what music i want to listen to over the next battery cycle?
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    Its all good dude. I doubt they're bad downloads cause they worked perfectly before.

    I was able to sorta relieve the problem by deleting the affected songs and moving unaffected copies of the songs from my old computer to my Mac.

    Unfortunately if any of my recent purchases get affected with the same problem I wouldn't have spares to replace them with. :(
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    LOL U got a point there.
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    I have one song that does skip at one point in the beginning. It skips on iTunes and my iPod , it is purchased via the ITS
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    This is not necessarily the case. I had bought a CD in the iTunes store about a month ago. It played perfectly on my iPhone but 9 out of 12 songs refused to play on my Classic and my old 30GB iPod Photo. I got a refund on the CD.
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    To the OP and others here who have mentioned that they have Music Store songs that skip... it's worth getting in touch with customer service. Several years ago I got a few bad downloads that skipped and after letting customer service know, they re-activated downloads for those songs. Definitely worth a try :)
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    Because we don't like to plan out music in advance? If I go on holiday or to my girlfriends for a few days I don't want to waste any time in predicting what I'll want to listen to.

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