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Ok seriously how do I post a picture

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Peyton, Mar 9, 2006.

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    I am not stupid but the more I think about it I might be.

    How do I post a picture to be put
    <-----here like some MR personalities have?

    Do I have to wait until I get go up the ranks? Demigod, I think I'm a regular or something. If its in the User CP I will officially be stupid cos I have looked high and low.:rolleyes:
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    you need to get to 500 posts. :)
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    It's in the FAQ.
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    How about a free ride at Brighton College to help with that ;)
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    Basically, you have to devote at least 1 hour of reading and about 4 posts a day for about 6months. I just makes you happier when you actually get a tar.
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    Thomas Veil

    You get one of those kits with wires and little nails and then you nail the picture you want to post to your computer screen. ;)

    (Sorry, I know we're all newbies to certain things, but I just couldn't resist.)
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    After G

    Or post .57 posts a day for three years like me. (It was .57 last I checked)
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    i never calculate this but when i do it will take me 1 and .5 year to reach 500 at the rate of post speed.
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    Being an English major, I thought you would have better reading skills. :p It's called a FAQ, and for God's sake, it's stickied! How much easier can we make it?

    And it is "because" - not "cause" or even worse, "cos". :cool:
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    Shard we really got off on the wrong foot. Can I apologize AGAIN for the typo thread?! I'm really not a jerk, English is my second major (not my primary) so I don't read good. :rolleyes: Actually I'm probably too lazy to read it. Don't worry, I'm being whipped into shape by MR people so I should be keen on the social graces soon.

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    Splendid. So we're all happy.
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