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Ok this question is for all you Tibook people

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by CaptainCaveMann, Dec 16, 2006.

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    My 15 inch Tibook (see sig below) is making a strange noise from the HD. Ive narrowed it down to the HD because i can still hear the noise even when the fans have kicked on. Its a high pitched sound of spinning up and down, up and down, up and down and so on. It sounds like its coming from right under the keyboard. If anyone has heard of this or even experienced it in your own machine, please let me know what it is. Thanks a ton for any responses. :D
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    Its telling you to get a new Macbook Pro!
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    Haha, ya ya i know! :p
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    Fleetwood Mac

    Run, don't walk to your nearest Apple Retail Store or Reseller!!

    Just kidding, although I would suggest you back up your data. Can't be too careful with aging hard drives. It probably isn't anything to worry about, my Toshiba notebook has been making sounds that seem like the ones you're descbring for a year without issue.
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    Yep thats what my MyBook external is for. :p

    Also does anyone know how much it would cost me to have a new HD installed? I would prefer to go through Apple if its not to expensive. Also it needs a new top cover and i found one from Powerbookmedic.com for i think it was 200 bucks. How much would it cost to have apple install it?
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    Scarlet Fever

    The TiBooks are starting to become old news, and the HDDs will be starting to die. I've already noticed it on my 667MHz TiBook.

    If you really love it, back everything up, buy a new HDD, and swap them over.

    Out of interest, how are the hinges on your TiBook?

    EDIT; to your above post, what series is it (Mercury, Onyx, or DVI)?
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    Yes but im not even sure if it NEEDS a new HD. Thats why I was inquiring about the noise? Anyway im not sure if its merc, onyx or dvi? It does have the dvi input on the back, but so do all the 867's. And as far as the hinges go they are just fine. I havnt seen any cracking and they have never broken. I went ahead and downloaded the take apart manual from powerbookmedic.com and it seems pretty good. I can use it to replace parts as need be. But back to the noise, is this in fact a sign of a dying HD? Thanks everyone! :D

    In addition, that video from OWC you sent over is using a slightly different type of powerbook then the one i have. He starts by removing 8 screws from the bottom of the case, but my powerbook only has 7. Mine also has a backplate cover in addition to the battery on the bottom of the case, and the one in the video does not. Anyone know what the back plate is for? Thanks again everyone. : )
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    Super Macho Man

    The HD in a TiBook isn't under the keyboard, it's under the trackpad. Maybe put your ear against the trackpad and try to find out for sure that it's coming from there. It doesn't sound to me from the way you described it that it's a HD issue. Would the internal microphone pick it up? If so, could you make a recording and post it?

    Another thing it might be is the power circuitry on the motherboard. I have a 550 and it makes a chirping noise during CPU sleep. If you have the developer tools disc handy, try disabling CPU nap with the CHUD tools.
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    Very helpful post, thank you! However, unfortunately i do not have the developer tools disk. Any idea how i can get one? I wouldnt describe the sound im hearing as a chirping noise, its more of a high pitched spinning up and down noise? Is it possible it could be one of the fans not working? I say ONE of the fans because even when the fan spins up i can still hear the noise in the same pitch. As if that particular fan has nothing to do with the noise. How many fans does the 15 inch tibook have?

    Ok i just put my ear up to the trackpad and the noise is not coming from the HD. Its coming from the top of the keyboard area. Should i remove the keyboard while the computer is running to better locate the noise?
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    Ok also my case looks like the top one. What is that backplate for? :confused:
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    Super Macho Man

    Well, I don't know about the other TiBooks, but mine has only 1 fan, located in the center-rear behind/between the F5 & F6 keys. If your model Ti has 2 fans, it could be that one of them is malfunctioning while the other sounds normal. You could try removing the keyboard and trying to localize the sound. It won't hurt anything unless you touch the electronics or something which you should obviously try not to do :D

    This is a link to the CHUD tools: http://developer.apple.com/tools/download/

    I don't know what that backplate in the picture is for. Mine doesn't have one, it looks like the bottom picture except without the little vent at the back. I don't know how much and in what ways the 867 is different from mine, sorry.

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