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ok....Who's screwing off right now?!

Discussion in 'Community' started by eyelikeart, May 9, 2002.


Are u screwing off at this very moment??

  1. Oh hell yeah!!! I've got work to do and am completely avoiding it! :D

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  2. No way!! I'm just taking a break or am finished whatever important things I had going on!

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  1. Moderator emeritus


    in reference to a thread from yesterday...

    I gotta ask it....

    vote away!!!:D :p ;) :eek: :)
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    it's a national holiday here in germany, so i've got all day to waste :p It seems may has more days off than any other month here; i'm loving it!

    you could have at least pretended that this was in some way related to macs ;)
  3. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    You're getting close to posting up your avatar. Think you could do it today? It might be tough and still have intelligent posts, you'd probably have to resort to the 'That's cool' type, not worth it.

    Yep, I was doing a rendering, but it finished about 5 minutes ago. So I'm just finishing up here.
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    The love of my life lives in Germany.

    Do you know I just realize that if you move the outher part of you ears to the front just a bit, you can hear better?

    The external part of my ears are way back so I can hear better to the sides more than what I hear to the front.
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    I am at work, plugging away on a problem with a PC. I asked the girl to give me the type of network card that was in it. She removed the memory and started reading the specs to me :D
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    92 posts in one day?!?! :eek: Heeyeah right! :D Even I couldn't manage that one... ;)
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    that's cool :D :p ;)
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    What holiday is it in Germany Today?

    Also, what has the record for the most posts in a day?
  9. Moderator emeritus


    I know....I know...

    but I figured...why bother trying to pretend...

    it's better to be up front & honest!! :D
  10. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    I saw someone talk about 70 or so. I've done almost 60 I think. It would be hard to tell and I'm not sure it should be encouraged. It be nice to keep the quality of the posts to more than one word or syllable. Besides, Arn would step in a smack you if you tried something like that. But I agree, 90+ posts in one day would be tough, but wait, Jelloshotsrule was up all night and he had in the low 400s yesterday and now he's got a 'tar. Hmm. got to do some checking there.
  11. Moderator emeritus


    do u mean overall on the site or by one user?!

    I don't even think I nor Alpha or Duke could top 92 in one day... :rolleyes:

    I think my record is around 45 maybe?! :D :p
  12. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Jello did 66 in a 24 hour period yesterday, I'm going to go see if i can find out how many I've done. It might be more work than its worth though.

    Way to go jelloshotsrule!

    I ended up with 57 yesterday myself. Ok, I need to stop, this is not healthy:D
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    It's both the Christi Himelfahrt (Christs accension to heaven) and Vatertag (fathers' day).

    Theres now way i'll get 90-odd posts in in one! The most i've ever posted is probably somewhere in the 20's. Next week.... actually, my fiancee's coming over for the week, so i probably won't be around that much ;)
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    Well Eye........

    You COULD reset the subject of your original post to "Macs and Slacking":D
  15. Moderator emeritus


    Re: Well Eye........

    u don't think the present subject title has more impact?!?? :D :eek:
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    I'm sat around, trying to find a full time consultancy job on the net....... I'm bored of being a freelancer, even if the money is almost double.......

    Apart from that, I need to add some updates to my website...... but can't be a*sed to do that yet.......

    I also have St Etienne playing aswell!!!
  17. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Ok, no way can I let this one pass. I just love it when languages do this. If I had seen this out of context and tried to figure out what it meant, well, I'd have to go with a 'Reverse Heimlich Maneuver'
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    If you want to get 90+ posts in one day, just start a thread called "Macs andmy Stream of Consciousness" You could just write and write about whatever you wanted, post like mad. It could get pretty interesting after 10-15 posts though to see what sort of crazy stuff goes on in one maccy's brain. I mean, if I did that, I'd probably spout on and on about wierd work observations, that Angelina Jolie pic I keep thinking about, teabgs name and how I couldn't remember the name of the movie with the weird scene (from Pecker btw), deciding whether to sell my motorcycle and how bummed I'd be, and on and on.
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    well, as i mentioned, i was just putting off work, except this time it was my ONLY piece of work left. so that left me all my time to just sit around and look at stuff. i didn't even notice what i had til like 6 am and i said "oh wait, now i'm 6502".. so i just got some owen wilson pictures on watson and bam.

    i'd like to think i didn't put up any stuff that was totally out of my arse. must pack
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    Ive got stuff to do...

    I have some things I should be doing at work and I should be putting them off to prep for finals... and yet.. I'm on Macrummors...

    I should go now...

  21. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    alternative definition for 'Himelfahrt'?

    I don't know why, but that word is just killing me this morning.:D
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    must've been the crack..... the plumbers' that is.

    i have no idea what himelfahrt is supposed to be.

    i was trying to be smart today by shutting down my computer, so i wouldn't be distracted while packing/cleaning, and also i could get it ready to go...

    but of course, after it's all packed, i realized i hadn't gotten my script off it and i needed to have emailed it to my girlfriend so she could drop it off for me tomorrow..... so i had to set it all up again. what a freak i am
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    jello....u must have been away all day?!

    u getting to the threads kinda late? :confused: :eek: ;)
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    Re: dude...

    yeah, i had like 4 packages' worth of jello shots after i finished my script late late last night/early early this morning and i'm just coming to..... hot damn.

    glad to see you missed me though. that shows i'm more than a pretty face. :)
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    Re: Re: dude...

    I am sorry...

    this is a completely useless post...

    but u just made me laugh my @ss off!!! :D :p
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