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Okay... Gave it a Try... And it Sucks

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Digital Skunk, May 15, 2007.

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    Digital Skunk

    eMusic sucks! I don't care about those subscription heads out there... eMusic just sucks if you want real albums and music. My girlfriend bought the Dreamgirls Deluxe album for $17 it and it have 38 songs (actual songs) on it. eMusic would have had me download my entire months worth of songs and then some. No album art, no digital booklet or any other cutsey stuff. Unlike what some ignorant subcription fanboys claimed, you will have to pay a reoccuring subcription... it is NOT a one time payment. They want you to sign up for the service just to get the free downloads, then when you try to cancel your subscription they badger you to stay...

    And MAN does the selection SUCK! You can't find some stuff on iTunes, but the selecton at eMusic is even more limited. Not to mention that searching for something on their site just SUCKS! :mad:

    Give me iTunes and actual CDs any day... eMusic is terrible.

    Any thoughts? :p
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    Your review of eMusic SUCKS!
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    Digital Skunk

    Okay... I tried searching for My Chemical Romance and all I get is some crappy string quartet tribute...

    Try it yourself... the selection is extremely limited... so I would have noting to spend my 30 downloads on. And since they don't roll over I would be waisting my money if I don't just download something.

    iTunes is just a better choice, and without the need for the constant upkeep of my subscription.

    Oh yeah... I said thoughts.... not brain farts.
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    Call me old fashioned but I still like to buy CD's.
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    Yes, the emusic library is kind of weak, but if what they carry happens to be what you're looking for, I suppose that wouldn't be a problem (FWIW, they didn't have much of what I want).

    On the subscription thing: No, it's not like the other subscription services. What you download are unprotected MP3 files, they will keep playing even if you don't renew the service. The subscription tracks from Yahoo, Rhapsody etc. stop working if you don't keep up the subscription. Big difference.

    On the nagging if you cancel? Whatever, magazines etc. have been doing that forever, it's expected.
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    Digital Skunk

    That isn't old fashioned it nostalgic. Like those people who drive around in Ford Model Ts. I am pretty sure there is somebody out there buying LPs and playing them on record players.
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    Same here.

    I do think the iTMS is the best digital music store, though, from what I've seen. I'd just rather have the actual CD and be able to do what I want with it.
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    I tried out the eMusic trial... 25 songs for free... I enjoyed it, but cancelled within the free time limit after I found 25 tracks that I wanted. No, they don't have a lot, but OTOH I don't give a **** about bands like My Chemical Romance. Barf.

    What you do get over iTunes is high quality DRM free files. I like that.

    iTunes is only now starting to get any bands I have an interest in. There are a few albums that just got added in the last few months that I'd love to buy, but I really don't care for the DRM, but I might get them anyway since the alternative is extremely expensive imports.
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    Digital Skunk

    I guess it all depends on what music you want and which one offers that genre... all the music on eMusic seemed like suburbian alternative garbage. barf. I could care less about that stuff. I couldn't even find 25 good tracks to download that I already had. The rest was done by some backyard rich surburbia garage band with too much time on their hands and an Apple laptop. Either that or screaming to the top of your lungs head banger music.

    DRM is a tad bit over-rated. It is annoying but I have no real reason to really get rid of it and if I need to (like to give it to someone) I will burn a CD of it anyway and that gets rid of DRM with no hassel. I am not an audiophile HiFi junky so I can't tell the difference. The eMusic stuff sounded just as terrible as the iTunes stuff.

    I guess it's all about what you can find and what you can stand listening to.
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    I love emusic.
    I've been a subscriber for over 5 years.

    As everything goes on iTunes & iPod a booklet is pointless and album art is easy to find.
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    Digital Skunk

    Just like the music on eMusic, but I agree with the album art. When I copy music from a friends CD I usually have to find the album art on Google.
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    I second that emusic sucks - or rather their hideous and unscrupulous act of making you sign up with your credit card for a recurrent subscription in order to download some "free" songs, sucks. Yeah I know there is no such thing as free lunch - but I don't enjoy getting bitten in the arse.
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    So...I want my non-EMI music at more than crappy 128kbps...am I nostalgic for buying CDs?
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    How is it unscrupulous?

    You sign up, download free tracks and cancel your account?
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    I really like eMusic - I can usually find a couple of albums that I want with my subscription. There have been a couple months where I haven't, but there have also been some where I've wanted to buy more than I've paid for.
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    Easy there, tiger. That's me you're talking about. Yes I still buy vinyl and I still have a record player.:p
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    Me too.
    I buy more vinyl than CDs
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    I also have a large collection of my fathers vinyl, going back fifty years.:D
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    Digital Skunk

    obviously yes.... just like the car guy who wants a carburetor in favor of fuel injection...

    what's the problem with being nostalgic... ? :confused:
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    Digital Skunk

    - - Yawn - -

    I still have a record player that is way older than yours... how do I know... it's sitting in the corner of my basement, it's 2.5' high, 2' deep and 6' wide with built in FM radio... yes it still works... yes I put a vinyl on it every once in a while...

    I don't see the problem with nostalgic?

    Let's see... nostalgic: a sentimental longing or wishful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Last time I checked plenty of people (that have had good moments in life in the past) may have wanted to keep something from that time period to remind them of those times.... so what the heck is so insulting about buying CDs and calling it nostalgic.

    Getting of topic by the way. eMusic isn't as cracked up as some people make it. I haven't bought any new music in a few months, it would be too complicated and tedious to have to cancel my subscription to eMusic, then keep searching to see if they have a new album or song then sign back up for a month just to get it. And yes... I have no idea what iTunes music is encoded at... could someone tell me the big difference between eMusic's bitrate and iTunes Store's bitrate without insulting me or getting upset that I asked?
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    Uber Geek,
    Thou shall not call another Uber Geek technologically-declined.

    Uber Geek
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    I'll agree that eMusic is kind of crappy. I first signed up back in 2002 and it was $9.99 per month for unlimited downloads. I loaded up on some good, older jazz, blues, & soul. They never really did get any good new music and almost all of their featured artists are obscure. I tried some of the unheralded artists, but ended up trashing the files anyway.

    This thread and the typing of my reply made me go back and look at eMusic's catalog and things seem pretty much the same. I was surprised that they've kept my history. I discovered that I spent $9.99 for three months and downloaded over 200 artists - mostly entire albums when available.

    I guess I didn't think it was that crappy at the time, but who could argue with cheap, unlimited downloads. Obviously those days are long gone. Then again, the fact that I exhausted my interests in only three months might indicate what I still think to be a limited selection.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I'm getting nostalgic for 2002 eMusic.
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    Which is why I love it!!
    Lots and lots of interesting music. None of that bland crap that the charts are made up of.
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    I may have to give it another go. I, too, am not so interested in much of the chart topping music. I recall trying to filter through some of the eMusic stuff with little success, though. However, my last experience was 2002-2003. I suppose four years later things must have improved, especially with technology making good tunes by lesser known artists cheaper to produce and more readily available. I guess by obscure I meant even more obscure than what I was used to.

    Slightly off topic, but does anyone remember audiogalaxy before it was taken over by Real Player/Rhapsody? I had to ask because I'd been racking my brain to come up with the name 'audiogalaxy' for almost two hours.
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    Digital Skunk

    The $10 for unlimited sounds nice... I guess they were pressured by music companies to raise the price/lower the download limit. Nothing wrong with cheap unlimited downloads if there is no hassle tied to it. I did try looking for a particular song by Tiffany on eMusic's catalog... couldn't find it, but then again I couldn't find it anywhere else for that matter.

    I hate the charts as well, which is why I don't understand why some people want a radio tuner built into the iPod (I guess for AM and tallk radio). There are some small bands in my neighborhood that have good music as well, but some of the obscure bands have obnoxious music. If I can't understand what they are saying then it makes it harder for me to like the music... or if they are singing about political or social topics I don't agree with. MCR, Evanescence, and Outkast may not have that certain obscureness to them that other local bands may have, but at least I know that I can expect good music from them.

    And this multi-quote thing is pretty cool when you want to respond to people on the same page.

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