Okay, so... My powerpc mac mini won't work...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by stevey500, Apr 22, 2006.

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    Okay, well, I have a powerpc 1.42ghz mac mini with 2 months warrenty left. The thing won't turn on. The first problem i was having was that it would only turn on from 30-40 seconds at a time. I would boot it up and it would load up to os/x, and at a random time it would shut off. I even tried to boot to different mac bootable disks with the same results, even Open firmware menu it would shut off within 30-40 seconds. I wasnt sure what was going on. Within the open firmware I reset the pRam and the NVram... still no luck. Later, i unplugged it for a while, plugged it in, I tried again... now It won't turn on. I have taken it apart looking for something obviously wrong on the logic board to find out I can't really find anything wrong... what's going on? Nothing seems burnt, fried... etc. The optical and hard drive is perfect, fan is great, everything seems normal as ever. I tried a friend's power supply with the same results. Does anyone have some suggestions? thanks. I was planning on using it for a car installation.
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    ?? You said it's still under warranty...stop playing around, and take/ship it to Apple! It's their problem, not yours!
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    Not even Apple technicians would bother to figure out what exactly caused the troubles you describe. Replacement would be the course of action.
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    I agree with the poster above.

    Also, since it seems like a power issue, not a drive issue, you might not have to lose all your data. Insist that they back up all your data by taking out the drive before they attempt any sort of repair. Do not let them do anything without backing up your data and giving it to you on a couple of DVDs.

    Apple has a tendency to not care about your data and destory it at times where they need not. Be careful!
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    Is the fan ok?
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    Okay, yeah I will give apple a call as soon as possible. Do you think they will give me a new unit? That would be cool, maybe they will upgrade me to 512mb ram haha. I will take the drive out carefully without leaving any traces of tampering and back up my data to my G3 server. Any other suggestions before I call? thanks
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    I'd be wary of taking it apart. It's VERY difficult to put a Mac together without it being relatively easy to tell that it has been opened. Apple won't replace it or even repair it if they can tell that you've taken it apart. Have you tried putting it into FireWire Target Disk Mode (hold T down while turning it on)?

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