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Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by suikoden352, Jun 11, 2010.

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    going to the apple store in penn square mall. i'll be coming from shawnee, oklahoma. any ideas on when i should head out for the pre-order and for the 24th? anyone else headed there as well?
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    In Edmond and took the day off for this in the event i decided to head to the store. Am leaning toward preordering on the net through Apple and having it delivered. Have not gone through a launch though, would be interesting if we can get some OKC info prior to Tuesday to sway me towards store pickup.
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    i would like some info too. i thought about preordering online as well but i don't mind goin and waiting in line as well. lol if you get any info then let me know. hopefully someone else comes in and lays down some info too.
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    Better to go to store

    I'm not sure if you guys have the details on this or not, but the new iphone has a different type of sim card than the one used in previous models. It is a micro sim card so you can't use your current one. I suggest going to an AT&T store to get your phone because they will have to activate and change your number over. You could go to apple, but they would still have to call att to do it there and online you still have to go to an att store. So quickest way to get and USE your iphone 4 on the 24th is to get to an att store at 7 am. At least thats what time the one i'm going to on the 24th opens
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    that info has been known for a long while. plus if i get it from the apple store then i can have them activate it and then if i have to then i'll either call at&t or go to the nearest at&t corporate store and have them finish the job. plus my mom works for at&t anyways so if i need to do any back work to get my phone working then i have easy access though that's just me. lol
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    I'm planning on pre-ordering online for store pickup. So I'll be getting to Penn Square either late the 23rd or early 24th. Took the morning off of the 24th.
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    that's what i'm doin as well. just gonna pre-order online for in store pickup and then try to get there early. what time is everyone else thinkin of gettin there?
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    Is Penn Square going to allow us to camp out in the building? If so, I might get there around 11pm or 12am. But if not, then I'll be planning on being there around 5am.
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    i'm not sure. like i said, i live all the way in shawnee. lol i'd like to know that too. i'd definitely try to meet ya up there though whenever you do go. would be nice to have someone to chat with while waitin. lol
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    I ended up getting a reservation through the iPhone app about midday today. Right now I'm planning on being at the mall at around 4-5am. Although, I'm going to call the Apple Store sometime this week (once it all quiets down) to ask about how the Penn Square folk are going to treat the folks lining up early (outside or inside, what times, etc.) I'll post more here when I find out.
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    I was told by and Apple store employee this week, and confirmed by Penn Square security that they will keep people from lining up and entering the building before 5am. So if you're planning on getting there before hand, you may just get hassled by rent-a-cops.

    -As good ole Gary England would say, "Stay with News9, we'll keep you advised".
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    I'll be there, planning on showing up around 4am or so. I have it reserved so I'm not worried but a friend is showing up w/ the hopes of nabbing one w/o a reservation.
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    If you have your phone reserved it doesn't make sense to get there that early. They open at 7 and I as I remember from the 3g launch it only took 10 to 15 min to get my phone set up and out the door that morning. If you get there by 9 most of the people in line should be in and out and you should be able to get in. I went in and spoke with the store manager because my reservation did not show when I called apple and he said that I would have all day and my phone would remain reserved. I don't feel like risking going in later but I thought like 9:30 or 10 would be a safe time.
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    Yes, I do believe that there will be quite a line. If you're like me and are planning on waiting because I was too put out with waiting for AT&T's "network" and servers that kept crashing to reserve my iPhone 4. So I'm thinking I'll just get there at 5am and wait in line. No big deal. See you guys there!
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    There will be quite a line

    I just spoke with Penn Square security and they told me that they haven't had a lot of calls(I figured they would). They told me that the doors will open at 5am, so I will probaly get there around 4:30am. I know I reserved two but only getting one. I wonder if I could give my reservation to someone waiting in line that didn't get a reservation? Any thoughts?
    PS I only did that because my apple id I used the first time wasnt tied to my current email address, so I didnt get a confirmation but Apple said they have my reservation.
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    I'll be there! I reserved mine, but I'm hoping to be able to get a 2nd for the wife... we'll see.
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    Well I had initially avoided the chance of hitting the store with getting a pre-order through Apple's site on the 15th, only to see it cancelled yesterday. During that time I did make a Reservation but it too didn't go through. So I am debating hitting the Apple Store and rolling the dice for a 32GB or staying in Edmond and going to the AT&T Store. Still haven't come to a conclusion.
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    i will be there prolly round 4:30-5 am as well like some of y'all have said. feel free to add me on twitter, http://twitter.com/James_A_Miles , and i'll post on there when i'm leaving and when i get there as well. i'll prolly get a new ds game or 2 and bring my ds with me as well or just stop by the book store and grab some more of the scott pilgrim series. i'll figure somethin cuz i'm gonna need somethin to do besides mess with my old 3g phone for the last time while i wait patiently in line. lol ^_^ sorry. i tend to write alot
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    You guys really think you'll need to get there that early. I missed out on the pre order but I'm planning on getting there a little after 6. I'm hoping they've got a good stock for those of us not lucky enough to have it pre ordered. Maybe they'll be a shorter line for those of us who didn't pre order than for the Oklahomans who are part of the 600,000...
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    I think at this point, I'm thinking about getting there at about 4:45 or right before 5am. I've only got the morning off, so I wanted to get it as early as possible and get home to get it fully running. Although I'm looking forward to getting my folders set up tomorrow afternoon/evening.

    About the separate lines, it seems as though since they are "reserved", they might only have one line for both.
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    if the lines are anything like last year then they will be long but not super long though. like badams said, i just wanna get mine that morning so i can get to the at&t store and get whatever i need worked out with it and then get home and get my music and apps on it and have the rest fo the day to just fiddle around and play with it. lol
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    badams, are you THE BA? If you are the BA I know, that's pretty awesome! You guys are dedicated. I want the new iPhone 4 as much as anybody, but 4 in the morning... That's stinkin early. I'm coming from Norman and I'll have to be in North OKC by 8:30, so I'm thinking if I get there about 6, as long as there's still stock, I should be out of there in time. I've never been to the opening show though. Think that'll be enough time? Who's bringing the coffee?
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    you should be fine around then since the store won't open till 7 anyways so you should be good to go. idk who will be bringing coffee if anyone will be. i don't drink coffee anyways so yea. lol prolly just stop at the nearby gas station and grab me an energy drink or somethin before i leave to head up there.
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    It is the one and the same. I'll be seeing you then Thurs morning. I'll be stopping at the good old 7-11 for some tasty cappuccino, the big 20ozer. See you all there.

    @billyadams on twitter
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    i'll send ya a tweet when i get there, badams. see y'all there. ^_^

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